Nothing says summer quite like setting a marshmallow on fire, then squishing it between chocolate and graham crackers. But as much as we love a good s’more, setting up that fire pit is a ton of work. We set out to find some quick and tasty (and perhaps a bit less sticky) ways to snack on chocolate and marshmallow. Trust us, you’ll be ready for s’more of these 11 treats the moment you take your first bite.

1. Banana S’mores Pancakes

Magical three-ingredient pancakes (egg whites, bananas, oat flour) get even more enjoyable when topped with marshmallows and melted chocolate. We’re not saying you should eat them for breakfast and dessert… but actually, maybe we are.

2. No-Bake S’mores Protein Bars

If you think you can’t come back from the gym and immediately eat s’mores, you thought wrong. These no-bake bars channel all the chocolaty, graham cracker-y joy of the dessert with the protein and healthy fats (coconut flour and nut butter) you need post workout.

3. Banana S’mores Bites

It’s four in the afternoon, and you’re having a snack attack. We’ve been there (like, every day). If you’re craving a chocolate bar but know you’d feel better after eating a banana, shoot for somewhere in-between. These simple bites sandwich granola and Greek yogurt between banana slices. Dunk in melted dark chocolate chips, pop in your mouth, and repeat.

4. S’mores Oatmeal

S’mores for breakfast, you say? Oh, yes. All it takes is a little cocoa powder and maple syrup in your oats to transform boring porridge into something way more exciting. If you’re feeling ambitious, take a whack at the chickpea water (a.k.a. aquafaba—it’s a thing! Just drain a can of chickpeas and save the liquid) marshmallow fluff. But we certainly won’t judge you if you just threw a handful of mini marshmallows in your bowl.

5. S’mores Bars

For an alternative s’more that tastes as close to the classic as possible, whip up a batch of these bars. A nutty oat crust serves as the base for the thick layer of velvety dark chocolate ganache. Top with marshmallows and pop it in the broiler. And definitely don’t apologize when you eat half the tray.

6. Skillet Strawberry S’mores

Skillet s’mores are the best way to serve dessert to a crowd when you can’t make it to a campfire. Simply line an oven-safe skillet with your favorite graham crackers and pile on dark chocolate chips, sliced strawberries, and mini marshmallows. Broil for five minutes, then dig in. Utensils optional.

7. S’mores Protein Smoothie

This drinkable s’more is what was missing from camp. Pair chocolate protein powder with Greek yogurt and crushed graham crackers (that’s right, throw them right into the blender!) for a smoothie that tastes like liquid cookies. Garnish with mini marshmallows for the full s’more effect.

8. S’mores Granola Bars

Remember being thrilled to find one of those sticky s’mores granola bars (mini marshmallows! Tiny chocolate chips!) in your lunchbox? Instead of spending all your money on the packaged version, try making them yourself. This recipe still makes a soft and sweet bar but uses dates and maple syrup instead of sugar. The best part? Crushed graham crackers mixed right into the batter.

9. S’mores Energy Bites

These super-simple bites are made with dates and walnuts, yet they pack in the flavors of a classic s’more. Throw a few in your bag for snacking on your commute home for work or grab a few before heading out on weekend errands.

10. S’mores-Stuffed Strawberries

We already know strawberries and chocolate are a dream team. Now it’s time to add marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs. Don’t be intimidated by the marshmallow recipe—it takes less than 15 minutes to make. But if you’re in a hurry, just melt a few cups of packaged marshmallows on the stove or in the microwave.

11. S’mores Ice Cream

Melted chocolate and marshmallows are a delightfully sticky, gooey mess, but have you tried this combo chilled? Use fresh avocado and banana as the base for the ice cream, then add all the super-rich dutch-processed cocoa powder you can handle. Mix in crushed graham crackers, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips—because you’re worth it.