Happy Sunday! As always, Links We Love brings you our favorite health and fitness inspiration from around the web. This week, we have tips on how to avoid working out too much, and a list of vacation getaways where people can literally unplug. We want to show some love and share kick-ass content in the wellness world, so here are our picks:

The Best 7 Ways to Avoid Overtraining — CoachUp
Too many trips to the gym, track, spin class, or “the box” can lead to an exercise overload. Check out these tips to steer clear of overtraining while staying healthy and fit.

9 Sodium Shockers In Your Everyday Diet — Men’s Fitness
Don’t just forgo passing the salt — bread, cereal, and seven other sneaky foods pack in more sodium than we may think.

6 Tech-Free Trips — SELF
Sometimes we all need to unplug in order to feel refreshed adn get back into the grind. Check out these vacation spots where (gasp!) wifi is not included.

Blog Spotlight
Jumpstart Your Workout [VIDEO] — Runtastic
Jump ropes aren’t just for the playground. Check out this jump rope-meets-burpee- workout that’ll get your heart rate (and then some) up in no time.

Grab Bag
How To (Once and For All) Break Free from OCD Habits — Nia Shanks
This super helpful article is a must-read for anyone who has struggled with unhealthy eating habits. Give it a read and start changing your habits for the better!

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