Woman on Cell Phone

The Easiest Way to Disinfect Your Phone (Because Gross)

Even the cleanest people can't protect their screens from some nasty bacteria.
Avoid the Afternoon Slump With This Adorable App

Avoid the Afternoon Slump With This Adorable App

It's designed to help you wake up feeling alert and ready to fly through your to-do list.
Stuff We Love: Sphynx

The Best Razor to Use When Showering Isn't an Option

It's like the James Bond of shaving tools.
Stuff We Love: Sunsella Egg Ring

The Genius Gadget Every Egg Lover Should Know About

Attention all Type A personalities. Cooking a perfectly shaped egg has never been easier.
Stuff We Love: Happify

This App Is Like a Gym for Your Mind

Train your brain to get swole.
The Tool for Next-Level Stability Training
Stuff We Love: Salted.Tv

These On-Demand Cooking Videos Will Help You Whip Up the Perfect Meal

It's like the best parts of the Food Network combined with Netflix.
Stuff We Love: Moji Curve
Stuff We Love: Lean and Mean Bodyweight Routine

The Fitness App You Need If You Can't Afford a Trainer

Learn everything you need to know about bodyweight routines in just three weeks.
Eagle Creek Backpack

The Bag That’s Perfect for Travel and Work (and Everything in Between)

Whether you’re a day-tripper or just heading to the office, this is the backpack for you.
Stuff We Love: Iodine
Stuff We Love: Hungryroot

The Ridiculously Easy Way to Get Your Daily Dose of Veggies

When they taste this good, there's no excuse not to get your recommended serving every day.
Cutting Board with Healthy Food

Now You Can Get the Full Nutritional Breakdown of Any Recipe Online

And you don't have to send the food to a lab. All it takes is a few clicks.
Stuff We Love: Plated

Now Even Extremely Busy People Can Make Gourmet Meals at Home

This made us say good-bye to our takeout habit for good.
Never Let a Low Phone Battery Ruin Your Day Again

Never Let a Low Phone Battery Ruin Your Day Again

There's no need to scour for the nearest outlet when you have this nifty portable charger.
Stuff We Love: NatureBox
Fridge Organization

Stop Wasting Food (and Money) With This Genius New App

Expiration dates aren't what they seem. Fortunately, this free app cuts through the confusion.
Stuff We Love: Recap Mason Jars

The No-Spill Cap Your Mason Jar Needs

This genius (and cheap) tool makes drinking a smoothie from your trusty glass jar so much easier.
Stuff We Love: DailyBurn Black Fire
Stuff We Love: Freshly

This New Company Is Making Healthy Eating Easier Than Ever

We've found the perfect service for people who want real, gourmet food—without lifting a finger.
Stuff We Love: Veggetti

This Crazy Cool Kitchen Gadget Will Make You Want to Eat Your Veggies

It rhymes with spaghetti. (And no, we're not kidding.)
Stuff We Love: Casper Mattress

Say Good-Bye to Sleepless Nights

We found a bed that rivals the ones at five-star hotel—at a one-star price.
How to Make the Perfect Poached Egg
Stuff We Love: Popcorn
Stuff We Love: Wine Awesomeness