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This Free Tool Makes Netflix and Chill Even Better

Find the perfect show to watch in no time.
It's Better Than a Snuggie

How to Stay Warm This Winter for Less Than $20

It’s way better than a Snuggie.
Gotta Go App

Finally, an App to Get You Out of Every Awkward Situation

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now.
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This Website Makes Working Out at Home Easy (and Actually Fun)

You'll never want to go to the gym again.
Marpac Sound Machine

This Little Machine Helps You Fall (and Stay) Asleep

It could be the cure for your sleepless nights.
Meditation App

Here's a Meditation App You'll Actually Use

Because you know you already look at your phone all day.
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The Easiest Way to Save Money This Holiday Season

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How to Get the Perfect Cup of Coffee Anywhere, Anytime

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The Coin-Size Gadget That Stops You From Losing Anything

No need to panic next time you misplace your keys.
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The Super Versatile (and Cheap) Skillet That Makes Cooking a Breeze

You'll start to wonder whether you need all of those other pots and pans.
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These Yoga Bags Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile

The bag is functional, eye-catching, and bound to be a conversation-starter.
Hydro Flask Water Bottles Feature

Never Sip Lukewarm H2O Again

This water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours.
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This Tamagotchi-Inspired App Is Guaranteed to Make You Break a Sweat

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The Cheapest Way to Find Your New Favorite Brew

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Remodo Boxed Rooms
Woman on Cell Phone

The Easiest Way to Disinfect Your Phone (Because Gross)

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Avoid the Afternoon Slump With This Adorable App

Avoid the Afternoon Slump With This Adorable App

It's designed to help you wake up feeling alert and ready to fly through your to-do list.
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The Best Razor to Use When Showering Isn't an Option

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