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A blonde woman puts on a leopard print-lined leather jacket in a home overlooking a lush forest.

4 Better Ways to Deal When You Get Left Out

Yup, it stings. But what can we learn?
Annoyed Woman

How to Break Up With a Friend (and Not Feel Guilty)

Follow these four steps to feel better about going your separate ways.
How to Actually Make Friends at the Gym

How to Actually Make Friends at the Gym

Like that girl’s leggings? Tell her!
What's Good Weekly With Derek Flanzraich

Life Is Too Short

Taking care of myself is something I’ve always struggled with, but I’m working to get better.
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How to Know When You Should Cut a Friendship Off
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Caught Between a Friend and an S.O.? Here's What to Do

A new flame never needs to ruin an old friendship.
This Is How Many Friends You Can Actually Have

This Is How Many Friends You Can Actually Have

Even if you have 1,532 on Facebook.
The 4 Things That All Good Listeners Do

The 4 Things That All Good Listeners Do

Sharpen your listening skills by following their example.
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The 7 Most Important Things True Friends Do

Here’s how to tell if you’ve found a keeper.
Lonely Man Sitting in the Park

New Study Says Loneliness Can Literally Hurt Your Heart

Spending too much time alone could increase your risk for heart disease and stroke.
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 7 Foolproof Ways to Win Friends and Influence People

7 Super-Easy Ways to Be Way More Likable

It's all about the simple stuff that most people overlook.
Make Friends

How to Make Friends Even When You're #Awkward

The tips in this video make it a whole lot easier.
WTF is Miscommunication

Why We’re So Bad at Communicating (and How to Fix It)

Your life doesn't have to be like a game of telephone.
Happiness Hack: This One Ritual Made Me Much Happier

This One Ritual Has Made Me So Much Happier

And it has nothing to do with working out, eating right, or going to bed earlier.
This Is What Confidence Is About
6 Conversation Starters Better Than "What Do You Do?"

6 Conversation Starters Better Than "What Do You Do?"

Tired of small talk? Make any discussion more interesting—and memorable—with medium talk.
They Don't Want to Hear About Your Hobbies.

The Key to Making New Friends Isn't What You Think

They don't want to hear about all of your cool hobbies.
These Will Come in Handy

Do These 3 Things If You Want to Change Someone's Mind

These techniques will definitely come in handy.
The best places to meet new people in a new city.

How to Make Friends in a New City

The best (non-cheesy) ways to meet people when you’re the new kid on the block.
Learn how to complain—effectively.

When Venting Goes from Helpful to Harmful

There's a right (and wrong) way to voice your disappointment.
Encourage healthy habits—without being a jerk.

How to Encourage Healthier Habits—Without Being Annoying

Need to nudge a loved one to move more, eat better, or drink less? We've got your back.
Woman on Rooftop

6 Times It's Not Selfish to Put Your Needs First

Sometimes you just gotta do you.
Couple Fighting on Couch

5 Things You Should Never Say in an Argument (and What to Try Instead)

Here's why telling someone to chill out backfires.