By the time he was 11, shooting guard Zach Hodskins averaged 31 points for his middle school basketball team. Now he nails 60 percent of his three-pointers and averages 12 points per game.

Zach Hodskins, a Junior at Milton High School in Aloharetta, Georgia is unquestionably good at basketball. He averages double-digits in points, and scouts say he’s deadly from 3-point range. There’s one thing that makes him different than the other kids on the court: The 16-year-old only has one hand.

Hodskins was born that way. The left arm of his 6-foot-2 frame stops before the elbow, but that hasn’t stopped Hodskins from scoring points from the field with his accurate one-handed shot. When he was a new kid at Milton, students asked what happened to his arm. Hodskins told them a Shark bit it off. When players from opposing teams give him the up-down, Hodskins says he imagines they think he’s no good at basketball. But once he drains those first few shots and shows off his impressive ball-handling skills, Hodskins says he likes when they start playing back just as hard as he is.

With almost surreal achievements (according to his coach Van Keys), Hodskins has caught the attention of division one recruiters. Though he has a clear anatomical disadvantage, Hodskins has worked around it, mastered ways to counter defending players and motivated hundreds of thousands of people who have watched his highlight reel.

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