They had us at “37 percent more smiles.”

Imagine a reality in which everyone knew the euphoria of a post-run endorphin rush, or the increased happiness, improved sleep, and cardiovascular fitness that come with regular running. The athletic apparel company Mizuno wondered what a nation of runners might look like, so they partnered with the University of North Carolina to get some science-backed answers.A team of researchers analyzed tons of scientific and academic data about the impact of running on our physical, emotional, financial, and civic well-being. What did they find out? A country in which everybody runs is a nation in which we’d have 29 million happier marriages, 5 million fewer hospital visits per year, 7 billion more hours spent outdoors, 135 million fewer hours spent watching TV per week, and 63 million happier dogs.

Check out the infographic below to learn more surprising facts, and be sure to check out for a nifty interactive experience!