workout Yesterday, the Greatist Team tackled our next adventure in The Big Apple, this time exploring what the Upper East Side had to offer. With high hopes (and some nervous whimpers), we entered the boutique studio of Refine Method, recently named the “Hottest New Workout of 2011” by New York Magazine. From TRX suspension to hardcore Tabata drills in Washington Square Park, we thought we had seen it all. But once we heard the syncopated counting and Lady GaGa blasting behind the metal door, we’ll admit we were a little intimidated. Before a few of our more manly members started to shake with anticipation, Jenna Kanter warmly greeted us at the door and welcomed us into the studio. After we claimed our spots in the room, Jenna explained the Refine Method, a circuit-style technique created by former New York City ballet dancer Brynn Jinnett (recently named as one of Inc. Magazine's 30 under 30) that seamlessly fuses together cardio and resistance training to build lean muscle and maximize calorie burning. From planks and jumping jacks to enough pelvic thrusts to make the whole room blush, Jenna worked us through three different circuits and six cardio blasts within the hour-long class. We used a variety of sliding disks, a pulley system, and a barre (a la Black Swan) to provide a wide range of difficulty for each circuit. With little to no breaks in between circuits, Refine Method was a total body workout that really got our hearts pumping and sweat dripping. And judging by my waddling up the subway stairs, I say it was a great success! Want to get out of a work-out rut? We super highly recommend Refine Method! Just be ready to feel those hip flexors afterward. For more adventures from the Greatist team, visit us at The Greatist Team (Ever) Tumblr.