We’ve always had our suspicions Derek and David had some sweet dance moves. Our suspicions were finally confirmed last Thursday evening when we all ventured down to the Whitehall St. New York Health & Racquet Club for a Masala Bhangra class with instructor Mickela Mallozzi. Masala Bhangra is a dance workout class inspired by Bhangra, a traditional Indian dance typically performed only by men. The workout, created by fitness instructor Sarina Jain, blends elements of traditional Bhangra dance steps with Bollywood moves for some fun, unique exercise.

Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft

The Greatist Team stepped into the studio a bit hesitantly, but Mickela made us feel at ease very quickly. She started teaching Masala Bhangra after being picked out of a class by Sarina herself, so we knew we were in good hands.

We started with the basic step, crossing one foot in front of the other and tapping the heel to the floor. Then we added the arms— shrugging the shoulders up and down with every step. And it went on from there. There was twirling, hopping, clapping, and even some yelling (Balle Balle!). And even with mis-stepping, clumsy correcting, and off-beat tapping, we laughed the whole way through.

Sarina, Mickela, and a handful of other instructors teach Masala Bhangra classes all over the country, and also offer a variety of at-home DVDs. To learn more and find classes in your area, visit their website, follow Sarina on Twitter, and like Masala Bhangra on Facebook. To try this class and others, ask NYHRC on Facebook.