This weekend, the Greatist Team turned into a small biker gang roaming the trails of Central Park. After grabbing our gear from Bike and Roll in Columbus Circle, we hopped on our bikes, snapped on our helmets (safety first!), and looped around the park— with varying degrees of success.

Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft

None of us had forgotten how to ride a bike, but it took a second to shake off the rust. Once we figured out the whole “gears” thing, courtesy of one knowledgeable team member (thanks, Cris), we were rolling around like pros. Well...sort of.

In addition to the easy-going , low-impact activity, biking also gave the team a mental workout. Dodging pedi-cabs, horses, pedestrians, and other (better) bikers required us to make quick decisions and visualize the best path to minimize chance of collision.

After about an hour of bobbing and weaving through all of the obstacles, and considering getting a conference bike in lieu of an office, we turned in our wheels and started using our less efficient feet to get around again.

To plan your own Central Park excursion, check out the official Central Park Conservancy website and follow them on Twitter.