The Greatist Team got our inner acrobats on this Sunday with the AntiGravity© Aerial Yoga class at Crunch 59th Street in NYC. We stretched, hopped, flipped, tipped, and swung ourselves to flying yoga fiends in what must be one of the most innovative yoga classes ever!

The class was created for Crunch by an acrobatic performance troupe whose founder, Christopher Harrison, designed the fitness class around these flowing fabric hammocks. The hammocks are suspended about three feet from the floor, falling just below each practitioner’s hip bones, where the legs meet. From there, this band of fabric supports your weight to deepen stretches, allow for weightless inversions, and much, much more. Our instructor, Valerie Chandler, expertly demonstrated the moves—along with a few very experienced classmates of ours! And while trusting one piece of flowing material with all of your weight can be tough to overcome mentally, once you trust that the fabric (which we were told can hold up to 2000 pounds) won’t let you down, the feeling is physically freeing. Doing a headstand is suddenly simple, and all you want to do is flip upside down and spread your arms wide to the sides. While the inversions were by far my favorite part, the hammock also provides the perfect position for some challenging elevated pushups and ab exercises, not to mention a perfect way to deepen all kinds of stretches! Want to get in touch with your inner acrobat, too? While the trend is relatively new, there are a handful of studios around the country that have introduced classes similar to this one. Crunch offers these classes at a handful of their locations. Check out the Crunch website here to look for classes, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates and fun news on classes!