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The phrase “upper-body workout” can sounds a bit intimidating. You probably picture impossible pull-ups and overhead presses designed to pack on the muscle mass. For those with beginner-, and even intermediate-level upper-body exercise experience, jumping into these demanding moves can be a losing battle, not to mention dangerous. This video offers a much-needed approachable upper-body routine that shows you how to build upper-body strength using subtle and fluid moves.

While the focus in this 19-minute yoga-inspired video is on strengthening and stretching your upper body, there’s no shortage of work for your abs, legs and butt. The instructor takes you through a variety of push-ups, crunches, and hip dips, returning often to high and low plank. She breaks up the workout with wrist, arm, and lower back stretches to keep all your muscles loose. And in just under 20 minutes, you’ll get a complete workout from head to toe. Click play below to get started.