Whether you’re looking for faster sprints, better sleep, slower eating, better posture, orlower stress, there’s tech for that. These awesome gadgets and devices work — either on their own or in conjunction with mobile and desktop apps — to make pursuing wellness smart, fun, and goal-oriented. Use our tech gift guide this holiday season to pick something nifty for a loved one with a jones for gadgets. (Or to treat yourself to a cool new toy.)

Track Fitness

FitBit Force
This sleek wristband is the most feature-packed of FitBit’s activity trackers, tracking daily activities from distance walked (or run) and floors climbed to quality and efficiency of sleep. It syncs wirelessly and in real time to computers and smartphones. Price: $129.95

Adidas mi-Coach Speed Cell
For athletes more likely to sprint for the ball than go for a run, this foot-pod measures the intensity of sport-specific movements like sprints on a soccer field or rallies on the tennis court. Data is tracked via the companion mobile app. Price:$69.99

Nike+ Fuel Band SE
The latest version of this slick wristband tracks movement, sleep, steps taken, and workout intensity, and displays data in real time. The mobile app’s reminders and sharing capabilities offer extra motivation. It also has an irresistibly cool multicolor LED display. Oh, and it tells time. Price: $149

Get Coached, Motivated, and Reminded

Part life coach, party activity tracker, this wristband tracks activity, logs meals, monitors sleep, and offers expert-approved tips for increased wellbeing and productivity. It also reminds users when it’s time to take active breaks or go to bed. Price: $150

Strap this waistband on over or under your clothes and get a gentle reminder to sit up straight. The iOS app tracks posture score, time spent sitting, and number of stand-ups per day. Price: $149.95

Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle
Stay hydrated with a water bottle that tracks fluid consumption and motivates you to keep sipping throughout the day. Price: $29.99 to $39.99

Accessorize Workouts

Armpocket Nighthawk
Secure your smart phone, stow keys or cash in one of this armband’s multiple zippered compartments, and head out for a run. For pre-dawn and post-sunset workouts, two ultra-bright LEDs light the way, and a flashing red light makes you visible from behind. Price: $49.95

Waterproofed iPod Shuffle Swim Kit with Short Cord Headphones
Swimmers can take their tunes underwater with this waterproof iPod Shuffle and headphones. Price: $154.95

Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System for iPhone® & Android
With a heart rate monitor, ear buds that stay snug during intense training, and a mobile app, this tracking-and-training system allows users to build custom workout plans for any fitness level and goal. Price: $99.95

Jaybird Freedom Sprint Wireless Buds
These wireless ear buds are engineered to emphasize “sub bass” audio and minimize treble, which lessens listener fatigue so that users can jam for extra long workouts. The ear buds are designed for a secure fit and on-ear controls make it easy to adjust volume or answer calls while working out. Price: $99

Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphones
Wireless sweat-proof headphones are perfect for jamming out while working out. They’re easy to use while mid- stride, jump, or lunge thanks to integrated controls for play, pause, and volume, as well as a built-in mic for taking cell phone calls. Price: $99 to $149.95

Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light
See and be seen on early morning and nighttime walks, runs, and hikes when this super bright LED light is clipped to a cap, waistband, strap, or sleeve. Price:$14.95

J/Fit Digital Skip Rope
Let your mind wander as you get in some quick cardio; this rope count yours jumps. Price:$14.99

Play a Game

Xbox One
The newest iteration of this trusty gaming console comes with a library of workouts (like kickboxing and plyometrics) and fitness routines led by celebrity trainers (think P90X and Insanity). It’s also outfitted with Kinect 2.0, a sensor that tracks heart rate, whole body movement, and workout effort to track and score users as they exercise. Or, dance your way fit with Zumba Fitness World Party and Just Dance 2014. Price: $499

This wrist-worn tracker doesn’t just track daily activity; it game-i-fies it, giving users the ability to earn points and unlock achievements. As the device collects data on daily activities, sleep, skin temperature, perspiration, and heart rate patterns, Basis suggests ways to positively impact users’ daily routines. Price: $199

Striiv Play
For those who want to add a little fun to their fitness routine, this Bluetooth tracker syncs to a mobile app that has games, challenges, and plenty of ways to connect with and compete against friends. Price: $49

Eat and Drink

Never again a bad egg, eggless brunch, or any other eggmergency. This smart tray tracks the eggs you have on hand, lets you know when they’re going bad, and syncs data to mobile devices so you can check your inventory from afar. Price: $69.95

Put the kettle on… from the next room. This WiFi-enabled kettle can be controlled via smart phone. Use the mobile app as an alarm and be gently awoken with the message “Good Morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on?” Price: $162

This cool kitchen gadget recognizes barcodes and voice commands, enabling users to quickly add items to automatically-generated shopping lists, which are then sent to the user’s mobile device. Price: $80

Belkin Chef Stand +Stylus
Cooks and bakers can work their magic in the kitchen while using their tablets for recipes and reference, minus the smeared screens and sticky buttons. The tablet sits snugly in its stand and the included stylus makes it easy to flip through recipes or use the Internet while preparing and handling food. Price: $39.99

Learn to eat more slowly with a smart fork that lights up and vibrates when the user is eating too fast. HAPIfork syncs to a mobile app where users can review (and learn from) various metrics about the pace of their meals, like the amount of time between bites. Price: $99

SteriPEN Adventurer Opti
Jump out of the grid and onto the trail without having to worry about your water supply. This small device uses UV light to purify water. Price: $89.95

Monitor Health and Wellness

Once it’s plugged into a mobile i-device, place a finger on the optical sensor and Tinké provides a reading of heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate variability, enabling users to monitor fitness and wellness, including stress levels, and then share online. Price: $119

Reebok Checklight
For players of contact sports, getting knocked on the head is sometimes unavoidable. This soft cap with an embedded sensor helps athletes stay safe by keeping track of the number of hits they take to the dome as well as the severity of each impact. Price: $149.99

Phyode W/Me
Mental health can be tracked, too, thanks to this wristband’s medical-grade sensor that monitors the user’s autonomic nervous system, which governs our body’s reactions to stress and regulates our “fight or flight” response. The wristband analyzes mental state and susceptibility to stress, and the mobile app provides real-time information, feedback, and a rhythmic breathing coach. Price: $169.99

Party till the break of dawn without overdoing it. This breathalyzer plugs into a smart phone to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If you’ve had a few too many, it will help order a taxi or find nearby places to grab grub and sober up. Price: $99

Withings Scale WS-30
Identifying trends in weight change is simple with this wireless scale that measures and tracks weight and Body Mass Index for multiple user profiles. Data is sent via Bluetooth and WiFi to an iOS app, allowing users to monitor their health, weight, and BMI over time. Price: $99.95

Sleep Well

Wake-up Light
Ease into a new day with a soft light that wakes you up by brightening gradually, along with pleasant sounds that don’t “alarm” so much as “gently rouse.” Price:$99.99

SOUND+SLEEP Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System
This more-than-a-white-noise-machine provides high quality soundscapes (brook, meadow, city, fireplace, to name a few) to help you relax and fall asleep. It adjusts to background noise to provide, clear, rich, relaxing audio. Price: $99.95

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