The Super Bowl is truly the modern gladiator contest: The strongest and toughest of our nation’s champions charge into a battle for fame, fortune, and glory, as each side’s supporters cheer themselves hoarse at the sidelines. Nowadays most of us celebrate our heroes from the comfort of our own homes—in fact, the Super Bowl is consistently the most watched television event of the year.

If you plan on being one of the hundreds of millions of people spending Sunday in front of the TV watching all the action, what better way to celebrate the athleticism of the Super Bowl than to leap into a heart-pumping workout that doesn’t miss a moment of the action? We reached out to the kickass trainer, writer, and Greatist Expert Joe Vennare from The Hybrid Athlete to see if he could create the ultimate halftime workout: A super intense bodyweight workout that can be done right in your living room while you listen to Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers serenade the country.

This workout is fast, intense, and a lot like the training those pro linebackers undergo. With plenty of jump squats to build an explosive tackle, plyometric push-ups for a powerful upper body, planks for core strength, and high knees for speed and agility, this is a great circuit for building strength, speed, and power. A high-intensity sweat fest like this one should also help deplete your glycogen, the stored energy in the muscles. That means all those delicious fourth quarter carbs can go towards refilling energy stores, rather than turning straight into body fat. You might even earn yourself a beer or two!

A huge thank you to Joe Vennare for his help putting together this circuit—check out his website for more workouts and articles!