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Whether or not you’re a gym rat, there’s nothing like heading to the great outdoors to get some fresh air and fitness. From kayaking to bouldering, yoga to urban hikes, there are tons of awesome ways to get out and get active no matter where you live. In fact, we’ve partnered up with Outdoor Rise —a weeklong New York City festival — tosponsor a sunset meditation class. And while this program is just in New York City, it’s a great example for how anyone can get their fitness going outdoors.

Below, find 20 resources centered around outdoor workouts. From exercise ideas to staying safe in the sun, check ’em out and then get moving!

Hack Your (Outdoor) Workout

Stayin’ Safe

Know Before You Go

  • Know Before You Go: Rock Climbing
    Boulders be damned. Learn what to expect from your first rock climbing class.
  • Know Before You Go: Yoga
    Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Child’s Pose — say what? Here’s the lowdown on getting in on the yoga craze without the intimidation factor.
  • Know Before You Go: Surfing
    Never been on a surfboard before? It’s time to make some waves. Read on to learn what to expect from that first surfing adventure — and get stoked!
  • Know Before You Go: Camping
    Camping may not be as simple as pitching a tent with a hiking stick in hand. So before taking to the trail, make sure you’re prepared for anything.
  • Know Before You Go: White Water Rafting
    Feeling adventurous? Hit the river this summer to try your hand at white water rafting. You’ll likely be drenched (in water and sweat) after this workout that’s more fun than work.
  • Know Before You Go: Horseback Riding
    Think horseback riding is just for cowboys? Think again: Swinging into the saddle is a great way to keep muscles strong, improve coordination, and have fun.
  • Know Before You Go: Trail Running
    Ready to take a breath of fresh air and break up the running routine? Find out all you need to know before hitting the trail!
  • Know Before You Go: Road Cycling
    Road cycling is good for the body, heart, and the environment. So learn how to sit, what to say, and what to do when hitting the pavement on two wheels.

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