Ever wish you could bust a move on the pavement, while cheering on your street dance troupe mates in a British accent? Even newcomers to a street-dancing pipe dream can have their shot thanks to Diversity, one of the U.K.’s top dance crews.

Diversity, the winners of 2009’s Britain’s Got Talent, have partnered with Fitness First, a British fitness chain, to offer hip-hop-based dance classes to inspire people — anyone — to get in shape in alternative ways. Forget the old ’mill and elliptical: “Diversity Street Dance” features a combination of street dance moves and a more traditional workout set to upbeat jams. It’s all approved by Diversity, a troupe of 16- to 28-year old dancers. The initiative kicked off with a performance by Diversity at Old Spitalfields Market in London.

The partnership between Diversity and Fitness First is a great example of the way fitness facilities around the world are coming up with creative ways to entice people to sweat. Studies have shown dance can be an awesome way to not only whip people into fighting shape, but also to relieve stress and boost body image in kids and adultsEffects+of+a+6-week+aerobic+dance+intervention+on+body+image+and+physical+self-perceptions+in+adolescent+girls.+Burgess,+G.+Grogan,+S.,+Burwitz,+L.+Manchester+Metropolitan+University,+Manchester+Institute+of+Sport+and+Physical+Activity,+All+Saints,+Manchester,+UK.+Body+Image+2006+Mar;3(1):57-66.Influencing+self-rated+health+among+adolescent+girls+with+dance+intervention:+a+randomized+controlled+trial.+Duberg,+A.,+Hagberg,+L.,+Sunvisson,+H.,+et+al.+Centre+for+Health+Care+Sciences,+Orebro+County+Council,+Orebro+University,+Orebo,+Sweden.+JAMA+Pediatrics+2013+Jan;167(1):27-31.Six+months+of+dance+intervention+enhances+postural,+sensorimotor,+and+cognitive+performance+in+elderly+without+affecting+cardio-respiratory+functions.+Kattensroth,+J.C.,+Kalisch,+T.,+Holt,+S.,+et+al.+Neural+Plasticity+Lab,+Institute+for+Neuroinformatics,+Ruhr-University+Bochum,+Bochum,+Germany.+Frontiers+in+Aging+Neuroscience+2013;5:5.. Plus, core strength and a better booty aside, looking as badass as the guys in this video is a goal worth working out for.

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