With more than 10 millions users and apps on a host of different smartphones, Runtastic is one of the world’s most popular run-tracking platforms. Now, the company is tapping into a new audience: cyclists.

On Tuesday, Runtastic released two different apps: Runtastic Road Bike and Runtastic Mountain Bike. With the ability to turn a smartphone into a comprehensive bike computer, these apps can pump out all kinds of metrics about the ride such as distance, cadence, and GPS route.

What It Does

Separated into two different apps, Runtastic’s bicycle offerings can be snapped onto any phone holder and start churning out data. Runtastic Road Bike offers area road maps (both online and in offline modes) as well as live tracking of distance, speed, and climb rate. On the other hand, Runtastic Mountain Bike offers offroad maps as well as the ability to create music playlists for extra energy, take photos of the downhill trek, and provide interval splits.

Free, limited versions exist for both apps, but the site pushes users to download a each app’s $4.99 “pro” version. Users can also invest in Runtastic’s compatible hardware, such as a speed and cadence sensor and various heart monitors that provide speed and rhythm data to go along with the ride. These extras give a fuller picture of what’s going on in the body, but both apps are sufficient on their own; more casual cyclers shouldn’t feel the need to upgrade.

Is It Legit?

Yes. While Runtastic’s focus on cycling is a logical progression from tracking runs, the company is now provides sport-specific apps rather than one catch-all computer program for every kind of cyclist. Mountain bikers will certainly appreciate the attention, especially considering most bike computers on the market are catered to their cleaner, road counterparts.

There’s no guarantee that these cycling apps will be a home run like the company’s run tracker, but take the apps for a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below.