I’ve done it upwards of 30 times. I’ll clock everything just right, and make sure I have all of my necessary belongings. But no matter how prepared I think I am to make my train from Grand Central to Connecticut each and every workday, something goes awry. Whether congested streets hinder my calculated walk pace, or a delayed 6 train holds me up in the tunnel, I’m left with only one choice: Run my tush off.

Thankfully, as far as I’m concerned, no one has captured my jaunts on film. The guy who did film fleeing folks is Vimeo user Andy Lisa. Earlier this week, Lisa uploaded the short montage above of commuters sprinting for the doors ( (believed to be shot at London’s St. Pancras Station).

A video of people awkwardly running to make a train is funny enough (you know, when it’s not us), but to slow ’em down and really analyze their form? Now that’s funny, especially since — for better or for worse — we’ve all been there before. Hey, at least it’s some kind of exercise?

Each unfortunate runner is tagged with a charming description and played against some fitting hair metal music. Our clear favorite has to be the “Still Time to Check Out Chicks,” though we do have a soft spot for the “Dignified Dart.” Well played, Mr. Lisa. And though I wish it wasn’t the case, I generally fall between a “self-conscious scuttle” and a “Lady Trot.” Next up: I’m working on mastering the “Hoff.”

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