After ghostwriting for established record labels, DeStorm Power turned to YouTube to post work of his own. He quit his job as a personal trainer, and devoted himself to the video-sharing platform, starting out with entertaining rap and R&B videos, now he’s taking on fitness by (De)storm.

YouTube sensation DeStorm Power (yes, that’s his name) is the king of meshing hip hop, rap, and comedy with some good editing and entertainment. His YouTube channel boasts more than one million subscribers and nearly 200 million video views. His latest clip to stir up buzz: A one-pinkeyed pull-up.

We contacted DeStorm to get some deets on the one-fingered feat. After a knee injury he describes as a “freak accident on the court” brought on by scar tissue build up, DeStorm focused his training on his upper body with help fromAaron Moorhead and Justin Benson (who happen to be directors of many of his videos), and support from actor Shane Brady.

The internet is ablaze with skepticism over the pull-up’s legitimacy. And about that pushup with no legs he’s talking about? Well that conjured up comments of disbelief, too. So what’s DeStorm got to say about it? When we asked him if the one-pinky pull-up was the real deal, he responded “Can’t answer that ; ).”Whether it’s authentic or not, we think the video’s all in good fun.

What do you think of the pinky performance? Think it’s a feat of strength or product of a skilled editing team? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet the author @nicmcdermott.

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