Please, we beg of you, turn your speakers down if you choose to view this at work, a public library, or in your childhood bedroom at your parent’s home. The heavy breathing, grunting, and other indescribable noises may lead your coworkers, library patrons, or parents to believe you’re viewing something very, very naughty.

The video, (which isn’t as naughty as it sounds) is accurately titled. We see jacked dude Jarrett Sleeper quite literally pick up actress Rosalind Rubin (and then drop her). Since it aired on NBC’s Today Show a little over a week ago, this minute-long clip has racked up over 11 million hits.

It’s not the cleanest clean and jerk we’ve ever seen, but that didn’t stop the video from going viral in a week’s time. Perhaps it has something to do with the double entendre title. Sleeper’s pre-exercise prep (you know, all that grunting and stuff) leaves the viewer with a half-a-minute of suspense while Rubin hides out of the frame. The lift and press takes just seconds, but we’re sure bruises remain. At the very end, Rubin utters three poignant words: “That was intense.”

The pair released another video together. This time Rubin wasn’t the one dropped to the mats. These clips aren’t the only ones of their kind. Search “human weight lifting” in YouTube. Dare you! Literal human weight training is totally a thing, and it takes some Herculean strength. Just, you know, practice before you start lifting your friends.

To all the human kettlebells out there, our deepest consolations.

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