Don’t try this at home — but feel free to watch in awe at work. A new montage of crazy-impressive human feats has hit the web. After watching even a few seconds, it’s not hard to see why this video is already going viral. The band Hadouken released “People Are Awesome 2013” to promote their song “Levitate,” and many of the gravity defying stuntmen and women shown above seem to do do just that as they run, jump, and fly their way to viral glory.

To be fair, in the words of Buzz Lightyear, many of them are just “falling, with style.” But mixed in with the parkour and parachuting daredevils are athletes going above and beyond to get their team the win, knee cartilage be damned. There are even a few celebrity sightings throughout (and yes, that is Bill Gates leaping over a chair with a billionaire’s cat-like agility).

We want to remind our readers not to attempt any of these stunts — except maybe the cross-stadium basketball shot. And for all the YouTube haters crying “Fake!” in the video’s comments, well, we can’t really confirm each clip is 100 percent legit. But for all its danger and pseudo-controversy, this video is a downright cool look into the amazing things human can accomplish.

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