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Fitness mirrors — so hot right now.

These sleek, high tech HD touch-screen displays offer a personal training experience with absolutely no social interaction required (win) right from the comfort of your home (also win).

The Vault is NordicTrack’s take on the smart fitness mirror, and we think it’s a pretty good take. The Vault stands out because it’s free-standing and contains built-in storage for your home gym equipment.

Now it’s time for us to *reflect* on the NordicTrack Vault smart workout mirror.


  • built-in storage
  • pivoting mirror — a good option for small spaces
  • variety of classes available through iFit membership
  • plenty of beginner fitness equipment included with Complete model


  • comparable price to fitness mirrors that have more features
  • no option to rewind, fast-forward, or pause workouts for more than 10 minutes
  • iffy customer service
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There are two versions of the NordicTrack Vault: the Standalone (which is just the mirror) and the Complete (which comes with a full array of strength training accessories).

The mirror offers a totally immersive workout experience, allowing you to perfect your form by mirroring the iFit trainer on the screen.


The Standalone costs $1,999, and the Complete costs $2,999. This is pretty much in line with other smart mirrors. You really aren’t going to find one for less than $1,500, and some, like the Tonal, can easily cost more than $3,000.

Your purchase comes with a free 1-year iFit family membership, but after a year you’ll need to continue the membership in order to keep using your mirror — to the tune of $396 per year (or $180 per year for an individual membership).

Delivery and assembly in your room of choice are also free. Score!


And here are all the details on the Vault:

  • Footprint: 73 x 24 x 14 inches (in.)
  • Mounting type: free-standing
  • Touch screen size: 32 in.
  • Mirror size: 62 x 23 in.
  • Weight: 258 pounds (lbs.)

These specs are the same for the Standalone and the Complete.

The carbon-steel frame features hanging shelves (and extra shelving if you buy the Complete) housed behind the mirror (kind of like a vault… get it?), which can pivot — this makes it ideal for use in a tiny space.

Features and accessories

Now, here’s the fun stuff. Your NordicTrack Standalone purchase comes with:

  • a free 1-year iFit family membership
  • Bluetooth audio and dual speakers
  • a rotating mirror with a built-in touch screen
  • hanging shelves
  • a cleaning towel

If you choose the Complete, you’ll get all of the above plus:

Now, unlike some of the more expensive mirrors that are equipped with sensors (like the Tonal and the Tempo), the Vault doesn’t offer form correction — so the ball’s in your court there. But you can connect a heart rate monitor and wireless headphones to the Vault via Bluetooth.

Classes and entertainment options

The NordicTrack Vault is made to work only with iFit, one of the big-name streaming fitness apps (right up there with Peloton). An iFit family membership lets you create multiple user profiles, so up to five family members (or roomies) can use the mirror and app to track their workouts, progress, and favorites.

The app includes hundreds of on-demand workouts tailor-made for use with fitness mirrors, along with daily live classes. Here are the types of classes you can do with your mirror:

In addition, you’ll have access to iFit’s full library of streaming classes for indoor bikes, treadmills, rowers, ellipticals, and cable equipment — which amounts to thousands of workouts. You’ll be able to access the app on your phone, tablet, or TV too.

Reviews for the Vault are overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers love the large display, built-in storage, and sturdy construction.

However, the price is definitely a big hurdle, and not everyone who paid the full price feels that it’s worthwhile.

The Complete is only a few hundred dollars less expensive than super high tech mirrors like the Tempo and the Tonal, which offer form feedback and weight recommendations (and, in the case of the Tonal, auto-adjusting weights). The Vault doesn’t offer these perks.

Additionally, some negative reviews mention frequent software issues and frustrations with not being able to rewind, fast-forward, or pause workouts for longer than 10 minutes.

Here’s the scoop on NordicTrack’s policies:

  • Financing. NordicTrack offers zero-interest financing for the Vault through TD Fit Loan. If you qualify, you can pay as little as $42/month for the Standalone or $63/month for the Complete.
  • Shipping. Shipping for the Vault is free and includes delivery and setup in your room of choice.
  • Warranty. Both the Complete and the Standalone come with a 10-year warranty on the frame, a 2-year warranty on parts, and a 1-year warranty on labor.
  • Returns. NordicTrack offers a 30-day return policy, so you can get either a replacement or a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you’re not in love with your Vault.

Now, NordicTrack’s customer service doesn’t exactly have a gleaming rep online. Reviewers say that it can be really hard to get a technician out to do repairs and that software issues are hard to resolve with both NordicTrack and iFit.

Regardless, most people are satisfied with their purchase in the long run.

So, is the NordicTrack Vault the mirror you want to be gazing into for the next several years?

Here are a few things to consider before you drop the serious moola required, along with some helpful tips from Amanda Capritto, certified personal trainer and fitness equipment expert at Garage Gym Reviews.

The NordicTrack Vault is your dream mirror if:

  • You’re a streaming fitness stan. If you like Peloton, you’ll love iFit. Capritto says the app “provides complete progressive workout plans and tracking capabilities.”
  • You mostly lift weights. The Vault is made for weightlifters, with most of its classes including the use of weights or kettlebells and with built-in weight storage.
  • You like the convenience. “The Vault is a solid home gym option for anyone looking for an all-in-one purchase,” says Capritto. It’s also got built-in storage and is fairly compact, “so even apartment dwellers can enjoy the Vault,” she adds. Also — it’s totally renter-friendly since it’s free-standing!

OTOH, more advanced weightlifters may not be challenged by the Vault unless they provide their own, heavier weights — the dumbbells and kettlebells included with the Complete top out at 30 lbs.

And if you’ve already got your own gear, you can save a grand by buying the Standalone model.

Says Capritto, “If your primary mode of exercise is lifting weights, you’ll want to choose a fitness mirror that has ample weight training opportunities, such as the Tonal, Tempo, or Vault.”

“On the flip side,” she continues, “if you’re looking for more bodyweight workouts, such as yoga, dance cardio, or kickboxing, the Mirror might be a better choice.” Although, she notes, the major drawback of the Mirror is that it’s NOT a touch screen, so you have to control everything with your phone.

Check out our handy table below to see how these four smart mirrors compare (FYI, in the table, we compared the Complete to similarly fully-loaded models from the other brands):

NordicTrack Vault CompleteTonal + Smart AccessoriesTempo Studio ProMirror
Dimensions73 x 24 x 14 in.51 x 22 x 6 in.72 x 26 x 16 in. (mirror and stand only)53 x 21 x 2 in.
Installationfree-standingwall-mountedfree-standingwall-mounted or free-standing (leans against wall)
Screentouch screentouch screentouch screendisplay (controlled via phone app)
MembershipiFit; $396/year family or $180/year individualTonal; $49/monthTempo; $39/monthMirror; $39/month
Featuresheart rate monitoring and headphone connectivity via Bluetooth

built-in storage

rotating and pivoting mirror
heart rate monitoring and headphone connectivity via Bluetooth

sensors to help correct form

auto-adjusting weight and resistance (up to 100 lbs. per arm)
heart rate monitor included in purchase

headphone connectivity via Bluetooth

sensors to help correct form

heart rate monitoring and headphone connectivity via Bluetooth
Accessorieshanging shelves
premium shelves
cleaning towel
2 yoga blocks
6 resistance bands
6 sets of dumbbells
2 kettlebells
smart handles
smart bar
workout mat
workout mat
2 dumbbells
1 barbell
heart rate monitor
squat rack
weight plate storage
6 collars
75 lbs. of weight plates
4 competition plates
N/A (separate accessories can be purchased on the brand’s website)

The NordicTrack Vault is the smart mirror for you if you prefer weightlifting to bodyweight workouts, appreciate the built-in storage, and don’t mind dropping some dough for a sleek and apartment-friendly home gym solution.

If you’ve already got a solid supply of home workout equipment, you can get the Standalone, which doesn’t come with any weights or resistance bands. If you’re starting from scratch on your home gym, the Complete will give you the perf starter set for your new home gym.

Stay Vaulty, friends.