Lucky for you, writer and comedian Bryan Menegus of the YouTube channel Slacktory compiled a montage of training montages—mind, blown. The video features sequences from films such as Kill Bill, Rocky, Mulan, Cool Runnings, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, X-Men, Footloose, and Full Metal Jacket, with tons of sweaty actors.

With the tagline, “Every time you consider not following your new year’s resolution, watch this,” the montage includes one handed push-ups, break dancing, destroying punching bags, epic sword swinging, and running on the beach alongside a horse. If that doesn’t do it for you, the three minutes of training glory is set to Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best Around” (yep, the one from The Karate Kid). Maybe donning a monochromatic sweat-suit (with matching sweatband) or sipping a raw-egg cocktail isn’t your thing, but this montage of montages has got to pump you up, even if just a little.