From inspiring slogans and manifestos to motivational ads and billboards, there’s no shortage of inspiration to keep health routines going strong. These powerful messages can help you stay on track to being your happiest, healthiest, and fittest yet.

1. Take the First Step

Photo: ACE Fitness
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3. Be Brave

4. Be Above Average

Photo: ACE Fitness

5. Be Accountable

6. Take a Stand

7. Keep Moving Forward

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8. Make Waves

Lululemon Crazy Thing
Illustration: Lululemon Athletica

9. Think Positive

10. Forget Fear

11. Live Your Dream

Holstee Manifesto

12. Make Like Forrest

13. Stay Focused

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14. Find Your Stride

15. Test Yourself

16. Get an Upgrade

17. Charge Ahead

18. Remember to Breathe

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19. ‘Nuff Said

20. Be a Greatist

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