Sometimes, we all need a motivational boost. And whenever the folks at Greatist need inspiration, we look to our community. Each week, we’ll share our favorite fitness photos — tagged with @greatist — from the Instagram community, featuring amazing fitness feats and downright heartwarming moments from across the globe.

This week, we asked users to tag their favorite bodyweight moves for the chance to be featured on the site. These are our favorites.

1. Blast your core on the floor with @danozdirect.

Dan Bullock is an Australian personal trainer, bodybuilder, and gym manager with a penchant for torching his abs with seriously challenging bodyweight moves. The L-seat might be the most deceptively difficult ab exercise — try it out for yourself!

2. Lunge into action with @gnatters.

Natalie Taylor takes some seriously scenic shots, and this pic of a classic leg workout near a Vancouver seawall is no exception. Keep stepping, Natalie!

3. Greatist’s own Nick English gets in an evening workout (photographed by @jrlevin1).

Greatist Associate Editor Nick English is sort of a bodyweight ninja, and here he’s seen demonstrating his skills during a night jog in New York City’s Washington Square Park. Nice form, Nick!

4. Climbing high at Class One CrossFit.

James Branson of Brooklyn’s Class One CrossFit has some legit grip strength (and he’s definitely not afraid of heights). The rope climb is one of those timeless bodyweight exercises that’s both absurdly simple and absurdly difficult — just be careful for rope burn on the way down!

5. Get in the bootcamp mood with @dnardi710.

Yogi, Greatist super-fan, and Disney enthusiast Danielle Nardi gets motivated by working out with a drill instructor — even inanimate, plastic ones!

Congrats to Danielle Nardi (@dnardi710 on Instagram) for submitting this week’s featured image!

Want to be on Greatist? Tag your best fitness pics with @greatist for a chance to be featured! Next week’s theme is “On the Trail,” so start snapping those outdoor runs, walks, and hikes!