Sometimes, we all need a motivational boost. And whenever the folks at Greatist need inspiration, we look to our community. Each week, we'll share our favorite fitness photos — tagged with @greatist — from the Instagram community, featuring amazing fitness feats and downright heartwarming moments from across the globe.

This week, we asked users to tag their favorite yoga shots for the chance to be featured on the site. These are our favorites.

1. Put your feet up in the air and @thankyoga.

A hair stylist and a yoga teacher, Josie Schweitzer's Ohio-based studio is all about cultivating gratitude and balance in life — looks like she knows what she's talking about!

2. A normal day in the office for @cvalenziano.

When she's not blogging her favorite recipes, University of Florida student Christina Valenziano seems to enjoy branching out with a tandem tree pose in her office — now that's our kind of workplace!

3. @fitnessandfeta hits it out of the park!

Yogi and food blogger Athena Karalekas snapped this photo during one of Rebecca Pacheco's classes at Boston's Fenway Park. Now that's what we call a good pitcher. Get it? It sounds like "picture." Baseball!

4. A different kind of tree pose from @tatummarie.

Minneapolis-based writer and yoga teacher Tatum Fjerstad takes her practice outside with one of yoga's most difficult balancing acts. Impressive form, Tatum!

5. Black and white and zen all over with @lola_beth.

Teacher, writer, and painter Renee Ruggiero fuses art and yoga in this beautiful shot that focuses on one of the trickier intermediate poses, the Crow. Inspirational stuff, Renee!

Congrats to Renee Ruggiero (@lola_beth on Instagram) for submitting this week's featured image!

Want to be on Greatist? Tag your best fitness pics with @greatist for a chance to be featured! Next week's theme is "Bodyweight Exercises," so get snapping!