The struggle is too real when it comes to shopping for leggings that will lift, shape, and hold you like you’ve never been held before. Searching for the perfect pair can be more exhausting than lifting weights or running a half-marathon (OK, not really, but you get the idea), so you can totally relate to these feelings…

1. How you imagine the day going:

2. How you actually feel when you walk into the store:

3. Trying to decide between solid black leggings because they go with everything or rocking a bold pattern because you only own black.

4. You hit the fitting room and remember that trying them on is the freaking worst.

5. And the only thing harder than getting them on is getting them off.

6. How you feel after trying on fifty ‘leven pairs:

7. TFW absolutely nothing is working and you start wondering why you ever left the house.

8. Until you slip into a pair that smoothes, shapes, and makes your butt look incredible.

9. Holding back actual tears because you finally understand the meaning of the proverb, “Good things come to those who wait.

10. Watch out, world, I’m never taking these babies off.

11. Arriving to your yoga class like:

12. You can die happy knowing you’ve found your perfect match…

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