Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Kia’s creepy man-hamster car salesmen are back — and they’re fitter than ever. What can we learn from the fitness routines of these hairy wellness noobs?

Last year, the hamsters partied hard — a little too hard, judging by their state in the opening shots of this year’s commercial. Kia’s latest opens on the hamsters breathing heavy while struggling to walk-jog down the beach in sweats. Next, they’re pumping (lightweight) iron in the gym — where, oddly enough, none of the scantily-clad human patrons seem to mind sharing a sit-up bench with mutated Rodents of Unusual Size.

While Kia’s designers are hard at work on their new model, the hamsters are busy mixing up their cardio and strength routines and enlisting the guidance of trained professionals (Ever wanted to see a CGI hamster in a Speedo? Now’s your chance.). They remain equally committed to their mental health, scheduling in some much-needed relaxation in the form of yoga classes and a day at the spa. It’s no wonder they never lose their drive — the whole routine is set to Lady Gaga’s bumpin’ new title, “Applause.”

In the end, the hard work pays off: At the 2014 Kia Soul’s debut event, the hamsters emerge from the shiny green vehicle trim, confident, and stylin’. They live for the applause, but we hope they’re really doing this for themselves.

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