For the 2013 edition of the Guiness Book of World Records, amateur body-builder Moustafa Ismail earned the title “owner of the largest upper-arm muscles on Earth.” But soon after, the title was taken away.

After a video showed Ismail’s astounding biceps and triceps, skeptics accused him of using steroids or other artificial methods to achieve his abnormally large arms. Guinness officials removed any mention of Ismail from their site and conducted research with medical specialists to review the record. Now the 24-year-old is determined to prove he doesn’t use artificial means to achieve his massive arms, and to reclaim the Guinness record.

With harsh allegations (implants, injections, illegal substances) challenging Ismail’s authenticity, he was quick to share the blood samples and x-rays that proved his arms are the real McCoy. Well then how did he grow those puppies? Ismail says he just doesn’t have the money for all that fancy fake stuff. He maintains that his arms are a product of more than a decade of hard, clean work at the gym, tons of chicken, poultry, seafood, protein shakes, at least three gallons of water, and mineral and vitamin supplements.

There’s no news on when Guinness’s review will be released, but in the meantime, Ismail says he takes the criticism as motivation. And with those diesel guns, Ismail’s main focus is finding shirts that fit his 31-inch biceps (good thing he demonstrates the fact by ripping one, just for us).

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