The Greatist Team is proud to introduce Greatist Workouts of the Day (affectionately called “GWODs”). GWODs are high-quality, comprehensive strength and conditioning programs anyone can use. We created them after Greatist readers expressed their frustration at a lack of quality fitness programming accessible to the average gym goer — not just the “elite” or “hardcore” individuals among us. So we partnered with some of the best minds in the health and fitness industry to create killer workouts we could give our readers — for free. Just head to the GWOD site for each day’s workout. You’ll find options for working out two, three, or four days per week. We’ve even programmed in rest days, so all you have to do is follow along and you’ll be set.

When we say “best minds” in fitness, we’re not kidding. The masterminds behind GWODs are Dan Trink and Tony Gentilcore, two of the nation’s most respected strength and conditioning specialists (and all-around awesome guys). We’ve also recruited a killer group of endurance and mobility specialists to help Dan and Tony along the way and provide pro tips and insight into the programming. Like Greatist, they understand there’s a need for quality fitness programming for those hoping to make healthier choices. Everyone can’t spend 3+ hours in the gym, but we can take steps to improve our strength, conditioning, and mobility, all while having a little bit of fun. And that’s exactly what GWODs will do.

With GWODs, the question, “What should I do at the gym today?” finally has an answer. But that doesn’t mean these are programmed randomly. While this is a “workout of the day,” GWODs should be seen as a long-term, progressive training method that will ultimately take the trainees through various training phases and strength qualities. GWODs will expose you to a lot of fun, effective exercises and protocols that are meant to be progressive and safe.

So what are you waiting for? Check out GWODs today! Have any questions? Send them to gwod [at], and we’ll get back to you ASAP!