Sometimes, we all need a motivational boost. And whenever the folks at Greatist need inspiration, we look to our community. Each week, we’ll share our favorite fitness photos — tagged with @greatist — from the Instagram community, featuring amazing fitness feats and downright heartwarming moments from across the globe.

This week, we asked users to tag their favorite outdoor fitness photos for the chance to be featured on the site. There are our favorites.

1. Fitness for All Ages

Trainer Derek Tymchuk loves showing off client success stories. Last week he put 76-year-old John through a circuit of kettlebell and bodyweight moves on a sunny day. Keep swingin’, John!

2. Yoga As Nature Intended

Olivia Palma is a Social Media Consultant and yoga enthusiast, and she takes some seriously amazing pics all over. We especially dig her outdoor yoga shots, like this one taken at an outdoor class. Talk about a sun salutation!

3. Flying High with Carl Paoli

An oldie but a goodie: Gymnastics and movement guru Carl Paoli has a pretty exciting Instagram presence, and you never know what kind of flipping and tumbling he’s bound to show off to the world. Here, he takes a gymnastics classic to the beach — hope the sand cushioned the landing!

4. A View from the Top

Taking the long way can totally be worth it. Shireen from I Am Athlete posted this jaw-dropping view of sunny Santa Monica after a tough 7 miler — there’s nothing sweeter than a view from the top.

5. The Best way to Spend a Saturday

Instagram user (and total Greatist) Kristina Theresa posted this collection of photos from a recent 15.7 mile run (her longest ever!). Kristina planned to follow up her personal record run with a well-deserved nap — a winning combo in our book.

A special shoutout to Olivia Palma (@seasonofchange on Instagram) who submitted this week’s featured image!

Want to be on Greatist? Tag your best fitness pics with @greatist for a chance to be featured! Next week’s theme is “Fitness Action Shots,” so get snapping!