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Say goodbye to helmet hair forever. The Hövding bike helmet is so clever, you’ll probably kick yourself for not thinking of it on your own: It’s designed to rest comfortably around a rider’s neck in the form of a collar and — wait for it —inflate during an accident (kind of like an airbag for your brains). A special algorithm prevents the helmet from deploying during normal biking activities (it also won’t inflate if users decide to run, stop quickly, or make quick turns).

In addition to performing three times better in a shock absorbance test compared totraditional bike helmets, the collars are lightweight at 1.5 pounds (the typical bike helmet weighs around 3.6), and comply with the European Union’s safety standards. At $515, the Hövding helmet is expensive (and is currently only available in Europe), and even more so if you actually have to use them: The collars can only be used once, and if the helmet deploys in an accident users must replace the helmet (at a discounted rate). The company has plans to launch sales in Japan and Canada in 2014, but no word yet on when the product will be available in the US.

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