There’s no need to suffer through a snoozefest of miles on the dreadmill treadmill just because you think that’s the easiest way to do cardio. News flash: There are plenty of other ways to get your heart pumping that are way more fun (and don’t require a trip to the gym). Take this 20-minute bodyweight workout for example.

It focuses on common cardio exercises like jumping jacks and jumping rope, but the instructor throws in some killer strength moves like burpees to challenge your body and keep your mind busy. The dynamic moves will also build strength (something you won’t get on a treadmill) so you get more bang for your buck here. As you get stronger and faster, up the intensity and perform fewer modifications. You just need an exercise mat to get started. Then press play.

To recap: Each move is performed for about 30 seconds. No equipment is needed.

Jumping Jack
T-Spine Stretch
Cat Cow
Arm Circle

Side-to-Side Hop
Butt Kick
Side Lunge to Tap
Jump Rope
Single Leg Side Hop


Standing Toe Touch
Wide Inchworm
Step Out Plank Jack
Diagonal Toe Tap
Bicycle Crunch


Shoulder Stand to Toe Tap
Modified Burpee
Run in Place
Reverse Lunge
Knee Plank Roll