In honor of the holidays, Greatist selected 35 fitness-inspired gifts we’d love to unwrap this festive season. Some of these come with a pretty high price tag, but they’re worth it — and if nothing else, they’re fun to drool over.


Jawbone UP24
Recognized as one of the most popular fitness trackers in the space, Jawbone’s UP (launched in 2011) required users to plug in the wristband to sync data with phone apps. The brand new UP24 takes away the extra step with Bluetooth-powered wireless syncing. Price: $149.99

Garmin Forerunner 10
Part watch, part running coach, the Forerunner is a light and comfortable GPS device that tracks distance, pace, and calories with the press of a button. The Virtual Pacer compares a runner’s current pace to his or her target as well as identifies personal records. Price: $129.99

Body Media Fit Arm Band Tracker
This nifty gadget is meant for the truly dedicated health tracker: It includes more tracking capabilities than nearly any other tracker on the market. In addition to the armband monitor that measures quantity of sleep and physical activity (not to mention tons of other metrics like steps taken, calories burned, and the quality of sleep and activity), there’s an online manager with an easy-to-use food log and charts that show weight changes and calorie balance. A Bluetooth-capable version is available for an extra price; it can be synced up to a Smartphone for real-time tracking. Price: $119.00

Whistle Dog Tracker
Though fitness tracking has typically been a human-only endeavor, Whistle is changing the game with its activity monitor that helps dogs and their owners stay healthy. The device measures a dog’s time spent active (so owners can know what Fido’s up to while he’s home alone) plus it encourages doggie owners to head out for a walk when they see their furry friend’s activity levels are low. Price: $99.95

Ergotron Sit-Stand Workstation
Standing (rather than sitting all day) can make a huge impact on office workers’ health like improve posture andRole of low energy expenditure and sitting in obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Hamilton, M.T., Hamilton, D.G., Zderic, T.W. Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO. Diabetes, 2007 Nov;56(11):2655-67.Association of sedentary behaviour with metabolic syndrome: a meta-analysis. Edwardson, C.L., Gorely, T., Davies, M.J. et al. Diabetes Research Department, University Hospitals of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom. PLoS One, 2012;7(4): e34916.. This unassuming workstation adjusts from a seated position to standing level in no time at all! Price: $329.00

Withings Scale
While a standard body scale is significantly less expensive, it’s features pale in comparison to the comprehensive Withings Scale. This scale measures far more than body weight including heart rate, body composition, and carbon dioxide levels in the air. Even cooler, this scale helps users set goals and targets to keep users on track with their weight loss journey. Price: $149.95

GymBoss Interval Timer
For tabata enthusiasts and beginner exercisers alike, this multi-use timer is a simple but effective addition to anyone’s gym bag. The compact timer can be set to specific intervals or function as a stopwatch to help users blast through a workout. Price: $19.95


ActivMotion Bar
Certainly a more substantial investment than a set of dumbbells, ActivMotion bars offer the added challenge of maintaining balance and stability throughout a workout. The 5-foot long bars range from six to eight pounds and include in-home training DVDs to help you get started. Price: $109.00-149.00

To amp up a swim, these (admittedly goofy-looking) foam tools strengthen the upper body in a low-impact way. The non-waterlogging foam is light enough to store in a gym bag. Price: $24.95

Pure Fix Bicycle
These fixed gear bikes are perfect for the urban cyclist in that they are simpler, have fewer parts, and they’re lighter than typical bikes that come with multiple gears and unnecessary gizmos. Feel good about this gift: With the purchase of each Uniform or Yankee bike, Pure Fix donates $100 to Charity Water! Price: $325.00

Trigger Point Foam Roller
Though these look slightly like a pool noodle’s big brother, the Trigger Point has earned a reputation as one of the best foam rollers on the market thanks to its light weight, durability. Its special “Distrodensity Zone,” a matrix of varying widths and densities, provides a precise massage. Users can roll out sore muscles for just 10 to15 minutes a day for injury prevention and an increased range of motion. Price: $39.99

Joyus at Home Elliptical Trainer
For all those times you’re aimlessly watching the tube, this nifty gadget (which is considerably less expensive than the real thing) can help you get moving — while staying in one place. It’s like magic. Price: $125.00

Natural Fitness ROAM Folding Yoga Mat
For yogis on the go, there’s nothing worse than hauling a cumbersome mat to the office, around campus, and on the streets. The Roam Folding Mat folds into a convenient 12-by-12 inch square for quick and easy storage. Price: $23.99

Hugger Mugger Yoga Blanket
For the dedicated yogi, a good blanket is often a must — but anyone who’s ever gone to a yoga class knows the scratchy, smelly versions all too well. These eco-friendly, chemical-free blankets are soft to the touch and less likely to irritate sensitive skin. They’re great for keeping warm during savasana and provide ample support for the shoulders during inversions (without all that itch). Price: $23.95 to 39.95

Gaiam Beginners Pilates Kit
Combining two of the most popular Pilates tools — a body-sculpting ball and a resistance band — this kit maximizes home and gym workouts. To get beginners started, the kit also includes an instructional DVD with two routines. Price: $19.98

SKLZ AccuRoller
With interchangeable balls to hit specific points of pressure, the AccuRoller massage stick promotes muscle recovery after hitting the pavement or logging time at the gym. The nylon straps also help when it’s time to get a deep stretch. Price: $39.99

TRX Rip Trainer
This gift is small but mighty. The kit includes a Rip Trainer with a medium resistance cord, basic training Instant video download, a reference guide, foam door anchor, and nylon carrying bag. Training with a rip trainer can help improve core strength, flexibility, and endurance. Price: $189.95

Gopher SandBells
These marvels are a cross between dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls, bringing together the best of each of these workout tools. SandBells are sturdy but stretchy and soft, making for a safer training tool than a traditional iron dumbbell. Toss ‘em, lift ‘em, and grip ‘em for a challenging workout suitable for any body. Looking to save on shipping costs? Buy the bags sand-free and fill them up at home. Price: $10.95-$94.95


Shaun T’s Focus T25 DVDs
Last year we recognized Shaun Thompson (affectionately known as Shaun T) as one of the most influential people in health and fitness. His latest creation, Focus T25 is an intense 25-minute workout series made up of interval training, working one muscle group at a time, repeated five days per week. Price: $120.00

Tara Stiles This is Yoga
Tara Stiles, founder of New York’s Strala Yoga, knows a thing or two about the perfect down dog. In this four-disc set, Stiles guides yogis through workouts for specific times of day and varied levels. The set also includes a pose library for beginners or for yogis looking for a refresher. Price: $20.00

Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System
If you (or a lucky friend) are ready to party yourself into shape get dancing with the four-disc exhilarate body-shaping system. The kit also comes with a pair of 1-pound Zumba toning sticks, program guide, and bonus 20-minute workout DVD. Price: $47.95

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution
One of Amazon’s top rated workout systems, the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is a 90-day system with a focus on weight loss. With 15 DVDs plus bonuses including a fitness guide, customizable meal plan, recipes, menus, and resistance cable, this is the perfect gift for those who want to give working out at home a try. Price: $120.00


Cory Vines Workout Socks
Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, this three-pack of quick-dry socks are extra cushioned to protect the heals from chafing, and toes from “runner’s toes (that nasty condition where toes get bruised and beat up from too much pressure and irritation inside a shoe).” The embedded arch tab keeps socks snug for a comfortable fit. Price: $20.00

Columbia Trail Summit Running Glove
Soft and warm, these moisture-wicking running gloves are touch screen-compatible to change songs and check in on mileage mid-run. The gloves also feature a thermal reflective lining which helps keep the fleece even warmer. Price: $40.00

Oiselle Arm Warmers
When it’s just not cold enough for sleeves but chilly enough for goose bumps, these lightweight arm warmers are just the solution. With thumbholes for added hand warmth these warmers work double duty. Price: $30.00

Under Armour Cold Gear Beanie
There’s no reason the cold should get in the way of shredding some fresh snow. For snowboarders, runners, skiers and all outdoor adventurers, this fleece hat keeps everyone warm with soft, water-repelling material that helps retain body heat. Price: $29.99

110% Flat Out Compression Socks
These statement-making socks boost circulation and stabilize muscles for tip-top performance and a speedy recovery after a hard run. Different zones of the socks support the calf, shin, ankle, and foot while the material wicks away moisture and ensures ventilation. Price: $60.00


Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag
Made from recycled polyester, this gym bag does it all. It’s got a vented compartment for sneakers, outside holsters for a water bottle and cell phone, and even straps on the bottom to snuggly hold a yoga mat. The bag is available in magenta or black. Price: $48.00

CamelBak Bootlegger Hydration Pack
Give the gift of on-the go hydration with this sleek backpack. Perfect for skiers and snowboarders, this hydration pack holds up to 1.5 liters of water yet can fit under a ski jacket. Price: $55.00

JayBird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Earbuds
These earbuds are made with the athlete in mind. They’re lightweight, cordless, and have enhanced microphones for easy listening (even with the elliptical’s hum in the background). Thanks to their secure fit, the buds stay in place and remain comfortable even during high-intensity exercise. The on-ear controls allow the user to manage volume and pick up calls without getting tangled in a cord. Price: $99.00 to $129.00

Umoro One
Rather than carry around a baggie of protein and a separate bottle of milk or water (the horror!), this shaker bottle has a separate compartment to store supplements for shake-when-you-want and hydrate-the-rest-of-the-time functionality. Price: $24.99

Race Bib Coasters
If you have a friend or family member that likes to run races, he or she is likely pretty darn proud of it. But what to do with all those race bibs? Send in a race number bib via email or snail mail, and Gone For a Run will convert it into four marble coasters. Talk about a conversation piece. Price: $21.99

Wrist Stash
Unless you’re confident enough to run the streets with a fanny pack to store your goods (phone, keys, wallet), figuring out how to tie a key to a sports bra or fasten a ten-dollar bill to a pair of shorts can be a difficult task. This machine washable wrist bag has a zippered pocket to safely hang onto your things and comes in tons of fun colors and patterns. Price: $14.99

The Run Lock
It’s more expensive than a traditional hide-a-key, but it’s cheaper than buying a new car (and more comfortable than shoving a key in a sports bra or sweaty sock). For runners, hikers, and casual walkers alike, the run lock is the very best tool for … well, not getting thecar stolen (or losing its keys). Pop the car keys inside the tiny compartment and lock it on the car door handle while hitting the trails or track. Price: $44.99

Action Wipes
Let’s get real for a second. Sometimes squeezing a workout into a hectic day can leave us sweaty, stinky, and chafey in a few unmentionable places. Action wipes — all natural, pre-moistened tea tree and eucalyptus cloths — are tough enough to remove dirt, grime, and makeup, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin when there isn’t time to hit the showers. Price: $24.99

What did we miss? What fitness-inspired gifts would you like to receive this holiday season? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet the author @nicmcdermott.

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