As you gear up to live the best version of your life over the holiday season (read: consuming as many cookies and as much wine as possible, and spending a lot of quality time with your couch cushions) the idea of staying healthy and fit practically flies out the window.

Sticking to your usual workout schedule and meal-prep Sundays almost seems laughable as you pack your bags to get away on vacation or get cozy at your family home. But if you’re looking to end the year sticking to your fitness goals, you might want to listen to the tips of some of the world’s best trainers, responsible for keeping your favorite celebs in shape—yep, even during the holidays.

1. Stick to Online Fitness Classes

Founder of SPEIR Pilates Andrea Speir, whose celebrity clients include Jonah Hill, Rashida Jones, Camilla Belle, and Ashley Olsen, says, “I know lots of people say they can’t work out at home. Now is the time to mix it up and have fun, so if you haven’t tried an online workout, do it now! You could even get a friend or family member in on it with you—that makes it an instant bonding moment!”

2. Use the Buddy System

“Train with a friend and build mini challenges into your workouts, especially during the holiday season,” says Carlos Leon, whose clients include Madonna, Ryan Seacrest, and Salma Hayek. “Having someone else to answer to (even if it’s your trainer) during this time of year keeps you both accountable.”

3. Don’t Skip Meals

“The holidays are filled with social events where there will inevitably be lots of calorie-laden foods and drinks, so it’s about helping our clients be smart when they’re out socializing during the holidays,” says Eddie Baruta, global head of personal training at Ultimate Performance, whose celeb clients include Kevin McHale and Renee Bargh.

“We always advise clients never to go to a party or event when they’re hungry, as they’re far more likely to binge on calorie-dense foods that can lead to weight gain. A good tip is to focus on protein and fiber intake on the day of the party, as this helps you feel fuller for longer. Drinking plenty of fluids, like soda water with citrus fruit, when at the event can also be a good way to stave off snacking when you’re already full.”

4. Pack a Resistance Band

“I always tell my clients to take resistance bands with them to exercise. They’re lightweight, effective for the entire body, and easy to take with you wherever you go,” says Kit Rich, CPT, whose clients include Jennifer Lawrence and Kesha. Need some ideas for your resistance band workout? We have plenty.

5. Treat Your Feet

“Running around and standing (sometimes in high heels) can beat up our feet, so it’s important to make sure we release the tension as often as possible”, says Ilaria Cavagna, CPT, whose celeb clients include Allison Williams and Katy Perry.

“Keep a foot roller or a tennis ball under your desk or next to the couch and roll your foot over it, back and forth to release the fascia. I also recommend the ‘shake foot’ exercise—slide your fingers through the toes of the opposite foot (palm to sole) and circle the ankle in both directions to stretch your toes and increase blood flow.”

6. Wake Up Early

“A lot of people miss their regularly scheduled workouts during the holiday season, so I always suggest that my clients get up early and perform an in-home bodyweight workout,” says Alfonso Moretti, owner of Merge in Los Angeles, whose celeb clients include Erika Jayne, DJ Alesso, and LL Cool J.

“A bodyweight HIIT workout will help to ensure you get your workout in and will boost your metabolism for the day. An easy go-to is 5 rounds of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, air squats, and alternating reverse lunges, 20 reps each.”

7. Stick to Water

“Drop the sodas and pick up water,” says CruBox founding trainer Gabe Gualajara, whose celeb clients include Hailey Baldwin and Larsa Pippen. It will help you to not have cravings, keep you hydrated, and feeling slim with all the extra snacks around. Throw in some lemon for a little extra vitamin C!”

8. Plan on Getting Sleep

“Prioritize sleep. During the holidays, sleep is the first thing that people don’t get enough of. And a lack of it can throw everything off—hormones, hunger, mood. Aim for eight hours a night,” says Claire Grieve, an international yoga specialist whose clients include Odell Beckham Jr. and Rosie Huntington Whitely.

9. Pick Your Alcoholic Drinks Wisely

Jolene Matthews, a celebrity trainer who has been featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show, says her rule of thumb is the clearer the liquid, the better. “Stick to vodka or white wine (less sugar), but an even better solution is to water down half of each cocktail or alternate between an alcoholic drink and a glass of water.”