You know all those Instagram fitness gurus everyone follows? Their lives look so perfect and curated that sometimes we’re surprised they’re actually real people. Well, surprise: They are. And we talked to one that you probably follow (and definitely should if you don’t yet): Hannah Bronfman.

Behind all the effortlessly cool pics and inspiring workouts, Bronfman leads a crazy life—she’s a fitness guru by day (she founded HBFIT!) and DJ by night. And since her average work week is crazy busy, her weekends are the same. Whether it’s jetting off to the slopes of Canada or hitting the mat at a new LA yoga studio, HB’s weekend routine depends on where she’s headed Monday morning.

Lucky for us (and you), we got the chance to ask her about all those weekend routines and pick up a few game-changing tips for crushing our own weekends, no matter what’s in store next week.

If you’re working a 9-5 next week…

When Bronfman isn’t traveling, her weekends are a mix of work and play. “I normally do a workout in the morning so I have the rest of my day to do what I want,” she says.

One way she spends her free time? Reorganizing. Bronfman and her husband, Brendan Fallis, use chores as a way to spend time together. “We choose one spot in our house that needs overhauling, get rid of a bunch of sh*t, then reorganize it. After that, we cook dinner and watch a movie.”

If you’re traveling next week…

If you’re going out of town next week, plan ahead so important habits like healthy eating and exercising don’t get messed up while you’re gone. “I’m all about consistency,” Bronfman says. “I really try to stay my course, so I always travel with snacks and do research ahead of time so I know where to get the foods I need to stay sane.”

One super-easy snack Bronfman suggests making yourself (because airport snacks are generally the pits) is spiced nuts. Her recipe is simple: Mix a bunch of spices together that have a good flavor profile—cinnamon for sweetness, cayenne for spicy, you know the drill—and pour them over a whole container of pecans or walnuts. Mix in some coconut oil, spread the nuts on a baking sheet with parchment paper, and bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. Boom, done.

If you’re hitting the party circuit this weekend…

Bronfman’s a DJ, so she’s no stranger to the party lifestyle. It’s all about balance with her. “I try to only go out twice a week. More than that would leave me feeling pretty run down.”

When she does go out, she isn’t sipping on any fancy cocktails. “I don’t mix alcohol or use sugary mixers, so I don’t get hungover. I keep it to tequila on the rocks with lime and a little bit of club soda.”

The other half of the equation is planning ahead to the next morning. “If I go out,” Bronfman says, “I’m definitely going to an infrared sauna or a hot yoga class the next day.” And since she doesn’t get hungover (#tequila), she has no problem waking up early for a sweat session.

The Takeaway

Whatever her week (or weekend) looks like, Bronfman tailors her plans to make being healthy easy. We’re not saying that everyone needs to make their own spiced nuts (buy ’em at the store; we don’t judge), but taking the time to think and plan for the days ahead might actually make for a more relaxing—and productive—weekend.