We’re big believers of yoga being a healthier and happier option. So if you’re thinking of replacing an old mat, or buying your first (no more renting one of those “clean” mats from the studio), then here’s what we think you should roll with:

Barefoot Yoga Hybrid-Eco Mats are perfect for anyone. They’re thin enough to stay balanced, but thick enough to support all those headstands we’ve been working towards (super easy, right?). And we promise you won’t be slippin’ and slidin,’ making it that much easier to master those difficult poses. Barefoot Yoga is also pretty legit — their mats have been recommended by The New York Times as one of the most eco-friendly and high quality options around. And the best part? While most yoga mats are made with a potentially toxic plastic, the Hybrid-Eco Mats are toxin free and made from recyclable materials — making them the best choice for the environment and our health.

At $17.95 (36 percent off the typical retail price!), it’s a great deal for a high-quality product. Hop on over to the Greatist store now and grab a mat before they go!

This item is no longer available.