Wimbledon, the tennis community’s most prestigious tournament, has come to a thrilling conclusion. There were tears, there were thrills, there were strawberries and cream (hey, at least one of those is a superfood!). While Wimbledon’s All England Club is known for pomp and circumstance, it is also home to some of the greatest tennis matches of all time, including the above nail-biting final in 2008 between then top-seeded Roger Federer against the world number two Rafael Nadal.

Federer was on a record streak of five championships at Wimbledon, but Nadal was close at his heels and looking to win the storied tournament for the first time. Federer was expected to win but quickly went down two sets to the bullish and over-powering Nadal. Federer, thanks to force of will and some pretty incredible shot-making, managed to force a fifth and final set. The above tiebreak is just about as thrilling as tennis gets. For anyone who’s looking to relive the glory of Wimbledon or who simply enjoys some un-fricking-believable tennis, check out this epic clash of titans.

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