There are bad soccer goalies, and then there is Daniel Cui. Cui was a high school freshman playing varsity soccer, and he wasn’t doing so hot. Mistakes and slip-ups (including a last-minute goal in the final game of the season) earned him a reputation for sucking in net and the role of scapegoat for a blown season. One schoolmate offered to cheer him up with a Facebook gallery of his highlights. Instead, he created a Facebook gallery of Cui’s mistakes called “Worst Goalie Ever.” Total burn!

Cui, in actuality, isn’t a bad goalie, but he was playing above his age and his confidence had taken a bit of a beating from class mates calling him names such as the “Worst Goalie Ever.” Some of Cui’s teammates, however, came to his defence, using Facebook to fight the cyberbullying. They found a good picture of Cui making a save and posted it as their Facebook profile picture. More and more people from Cui’s school joined in and soon more than 100 students had liked, commented, or changed their pics to Cui’s save.

That boost of confidence helped Cui the next year. Performing better, making saves, and changing him from “the freshman kid” to “Daniel Cui, the beast goalkeeper.””

Granted, the video above is (literally) an ad for Facebook, but if you can get past the Disney orchestra and over-dramatization, there’s actually a good little story in here on how one young athlete was able to improve and fight bullies thanks to his friends and a touch of Facebook magic.

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