No one thinks about sports injuries — until they get one. In today’s Greatist Podcast, you’ll hear from Eugene “Bo” Babenko, a Greatist-certified expert on the tips and tricks you need to enjoy your favorite activities without hurting yourself. Click below to listen right here on!


What You Will Learn from This Episode

Eugene “Bo” Babenko

00:00 – Why “PreHab” training probably won’t help you avoid lower leg injuries.

3:11 – How “Bo” got interested in injury prevention and biomechanics.

3:56 – Can cross-training help you avoid injuries?

5:20 – What are the top three most common avoidable training injuries?

6:13 – Can lifting weights help you avoid training injuries?

7:04 – How sleep can help you avoid and recover from training injuries.

9:23 – The top three principles you can use to avoid training injuries.

9:23 – The one choice “Bo” made in the last week to become healthier.

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Armi Legge

David Tao

Eugene “Bo” Babenko

If you listen to this episode on an iPod or other music-playing device, links to this study will appear on your screen as you listenPrevention of overuse injuries by a concurrent exercise program in subjects exposed to an increase in training load: a randomized controlled trial of 1020 army recruits. Brushøj, C., Larsen, K., Albrecht-Beste, E., et al. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Amager Hospital. Am J Sports Med. 2008 Apr;36(4):663-70. Epub 2008 Mar 12..