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Kickball is the sport of champions (and summer camp) but this clip is on a whole ‘nother level. Tied in extra innings, Ricky manages to somersault both over an incoming ball and past a defender to win the game for his team, the New York Shower Hammers.

The scenario: It’s extra innings in a quarterfinal match at the Pennsylvania Kickball Championship, a tournament open to national (and international) teams. “Ricky,” our soaring wonder, is the winning run. A solid kick from his teammate looks like it will bring him home for the win, but in kickball runners can be tagged out by getting hit by a throw from the opposing team (probably the best part of the game, no?). Through some miracle, Ricky is able to avoid the throw and flip his way to home plate a millisecond before getting drilled in the head by another defender. Shower Hammers win.

Different sites have tried to play umpire, including the good folks at Deadspin, to test if Ricky was actually safe, but it looks like our man gets his hand down just in time to beat the throw.

The Shower Hammers went on to win the whole tournament, but they’re clearly enjoying the extra media attention on their Facebook page. Heck, if we did that we’d make it our profile pic too. If you just can’t get enough “Shower Hammer,” check out their site for clips and updates or to challenge them in their next tournament.

What do you think, is Ricky’s flip an epic show of skill or just plain dumb luck? Let us know in the comments below.