Cardio is good. Cardio that incorporates core strength at the same time is better. This workout lets you check off both without stepping foot on a treadmill or attempting a few lazy sit-ups on the mat.

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The 25-minute routine features nontraditional core and cardio exercises to prevent boredom. You’ll perform some standing and some on the floor, but all of them will hit every inch of your core. You need zero equipment for this one, but an exercise mat is optional if you’d prefer.

To recap: No equipment is needed for this workout. Complete a dynamic warm-up (~1.5 minutes), followed by a 25-minute workout, and a cool-down stretch (~2 minutes).


Standing Lateral Crunch

Squat With Toe Tap

Squat Walk-Out With Row

Flutter Kick

Weightless Windmill

Squat With Side Crunch

Plank With Elbow Tap


Reach and Pull

Standing Kickback

Sumo Squat to Tip Toe

Standing High-Knee Crunch

Frog Squat

Forward Curtsy

Squat With Side Reach

Plank With Tuck

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