Ever wish you could wake up each morning with the kind of motivation that helps you make healthy choices all day long? Ever wonder why those best efforts to lose weight seem to backfire? We’ll we’ve got some surprising answers. In this episode, you’ll learn some of the most underrated ways to improve your fitness, health, and happiness from noted fitness journalist Ted Spiker.


What You’ll Learn from This Episode
Ted Spiker Ted Spiker

00:00 — Why eating turkey doesn’t make you sleepy.

2:17 — Who is Ted Spiker?

4:05 — The most compelling topic in health and fitness journalism.

6:00 — The top three most underrated tips that will improve your health and fitness.

10:17 — The two most important tricks you can use to accomplish your goals every single day.

13:39 — The last workout plan you’ll ever need.

16:42 — The one thing Ted has done in the last week to become fitter, healthier, and happier.

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If you listen to this episode on an iPod or other music-playing device, links to these studies will appear on your screen as you listenMedical myths. Rachel C Vreeman, Aaron E Carroll. BMJ. 2007 December 22; 335(7633):1288-1289..