After sitting through the same commercial three times during one ad break, many of us have asked ourselves: “Why do I keep watching the commercials?” At least, that’s what many of us here at the Greatist office have wondered, so we got in touch with our friend Rob Sulaver at Bandana Training to see if he could help us make better use of commercial break downtime. The result is a super effective bodyweight workout — actually, three of them!

It turns out commercial breaks can vary in length and frequency depending on the program, but the average half-hour TV show contains about 8 minutes of advertisements, divided into two or three breaks. So we’ve got three bodyweight circuits for you: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and move straight on to the next exercise without resting. Alternatively, each exercise can be performed for the length of one commercial (restart the circuit if there are more than three). Try it out — pretty soon, you’ll start looking forward to the ads!

Not sure how to do these moves? Here are some videos for your reference:

1-Leg Hip Bridge
Butterfly Crunches
Dive Bomber Push-ups
Mountain Climbers
Side Plank with Reach Around
Squat Jumps

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