My sister has one of those fancy, heavenly memory-foam mattresses. I legit don’t even know what brand it is; all I know is when I lie on it, I don’t ever want to sleep on anything else again. It subtly forms to my body in a way that’s both supportive yet soft and feels like it was made just for me (even though it’s not even mine). Sounds random, I know, but it’s the only way I can attempt to describe how dreamy it feels to slip on the new Asics DynaFlyte2 running shoes.

Exactly one month ago, the new DF2s landed at my desk (full disclosure: I did receive the shoes courtesy of Asics for testing, but all thoughts and opinions are my own). When I unboxed them, I loved the way they looked: a sleek, mesh upper with subtle branding, a pop of color, and an ombré fade along the midsole. I instantly shared them on my Instagram story—a genuine indication I’m excited about something. A bunch of my runner friends started replying, “Hey, those look cool!” “I know!” I replied.

I was so eager to test them, they actually motivated me to fit in a run that weekend. They needed no breaking in. They have the same stability as the Asics I’ve always loved, only different—lighter, faster. The new midsole foam technology feels like mini memory-foam mattresses for my feet. Designed to enhance your natural gait, the shoe also features the brand’s well-known gel technology in the heel to absorb shock on impact. And I could actually feel the difference. Suddenly, I wanted to fit in more runs and take the shoes on different terrain. It was like they were made for me, but this time they were mine, and I didn’t want to run in anything else.

Since then, I’ve taken them along for pavement miles; on the gravel trail in Central Park in the rain; through endurance, hill, and sprint intervals on a treadmill… and no matter what, they just don’t quit. In fact, I feel so strong and fast in these shoes, I PR-ed my 5K time this weekend. Most would say a shoe can’t make you PR, and sure, maybe it’s a placebo effect or all the extra miles I’ve been fitting in because of the shoes, but I really think the DynaFlyte2s were my secret weapon in that race. They remind me what I love about running: that abstract, invincible, totally unstoppable feeling you get.

Through the years, I’ve tested dozens and dozens of different running shoes, but none of them have felt quite like home like these DynaFlyte2s. And man, does that feel sweet.

Available in three colorways for both men and women, $130,