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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

If scrolling through our news feeds and swiping right were Olympic sports, we’d definitely take home a medal. But while we may only be working out our thumbs, our phones can help us lead healthier, happier lives — we just need to know the right apps to download.

Before you fall down the rabbit hole that is the app store, check out our list of the best health and fitness apps. We tested out hundreds before whittling it down to 42 that are worth checking out.

A note on our methodology:

We asked a number of questions to determine if each app we tested should appear on our list. Is it highly rated? Does it offer something unique? It is user-friendly? Is it reliable and not buggy? Does it drain a smartphone’s battery? Can it continue to grow and innovate? Apps that scored well on all criteria ended up the final list. They’re in no particular order.

1. C25K

If you’ve wanted to try running but never known where to start, Couch to 5K should be the next app you download. The free eight-week program gives users three workouts per week that get you ready for your local Turkey Trot or Fourth of July road race.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

2. Blogilates

We first fell in love with Cassey Ho while watching her Blogilates videos on YouTube. This app takes things to the next level — you get access to all of her videos, plus an online forum and monthly workout calendar.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

3. Sworkit

Tell Sworkit the type of workout you’re looking for (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching) and the amount of time you’ve got (anywhere from five minutes to an hour), and the app delivers the moves to follow during your sweat session.

If you opt for premium ($4.99 per month), the app lets you get even more personalized by setting the number of reps and the areas of the body you want to focus on.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

4. Strava Running and Cycling

If you’re a serious runner or cyclist, you need one place to keep track of your most recent runs and rides, and no app comes close to the capabilities offered by Strava.

The app can track distance, speed, elevation, calories burned, heart rate, power, and cadence. Then it synthesizes all of this data into easy-to-understand graphics.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

5. Daily Yoga

Never be bored by yoga again: More than 50 classes shot in HD video are just a few taps away. Each sequence has a specific focus, from increasing flexibility to strengthening your core. Plus, there’s a library with detailed videos of more than 500 poses.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

6. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app comes with all the things you’d expect from a top-notch fitness app: workouts designed by professional trainers and athletes, customizable fitness programs, sharing capabilities to compare your progress with others, and a totally sleek interface.

And in Nike fashion, it just does it better than the competition.

Free on iOS and Android.

7. Endomondo

Cardio exercise can quickly get boring and repetitive. That’s why Endomondo is so great. Set a goal for your run, walk, or bike ride, and the app’s virtual trainer lets you know if you’re on track to meet it or if you need to speed up.

It’s great to compete against yourself (and your goals), but it’s even better when you can use Endomondo to challenge or cheer on friends.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

8. Daily M|WOD

Running, lifting, and flowing become way more fun (and comfortable) when your body isn’t rubber-band-tight. Started by Dr. Kelly Starrett in 2005, MobilityWOD is the OG mobility-focused program.

Through use of lacrosse balls, foam rollers, and resistance bands, the follow-along videos will help you perform basic maintenance on your body and increase your range of motion.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS.

9. Aaptiv

Part of the draw of boutique fitness studios is that they combine attentive instructors, sweaty AF workouts, and a perfectly in-sync and instructor-curated soundtrack — and Aaptiv lets you reap the power of that trifecta right from your phone.

For $9.99 a month, you get access to hundreds of “classes” at varying styles, lengths and levels of difficulty, including outdoor running, treadmill running, yoga, cycling, and strength training. It’s way cheaper than IRL boutique fitness classes but just as stimulating.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

10. SweatWorking

This app — which BTW is ranked No. 1 in fitness coaching apps in the iTunes store — gives you access to thousands of audio and video recordings from top trainers in fitness styles including high-intensity training, strength, barre, restorative yoga, and meditation.

The app also just launched Gym Channels, where studios worldwide can opt to upload recorded workouts from their gym for you.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS.

11. Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

Tracking your lifts can be the perfect way to encourage you to keep on keepin’ on. With an intuitive interface, Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log lets you track and log all the details of your strength workouts, from PRs to day-to-day sets and reps.

There’s also an in-app timer, a note section so you can write about your ~feelings~, and a how-to guide for all the major lifts.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS.

12. Sweat

Sweat comes with all the features you’d expect from a top fitness app: follow-along workouts designed by pros, in-app challenges with other users, meal plan templates, and a user-friendly interface.

The OG face of the brand, Kayla Itsines, is now joined by four powerhouse trainers with diverse program offerings that can either replace or supplement your box gym membership.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

13. Pear

Strength training can become monotonous (squats again?). That’s where Pear comes in. The app allows you to pick from a roster of personal trainers who will zhuzh your routine and walk you through the exercises.

Don’t worry, if you’re feeling introverted, you can tackle one of their workouts on your own. Bonus: If you have a wearable tracker, the app will also give you feedback about estimated heart rate and VO2max.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

14. Foodility

If you’re looking for an effective way to keep track of diet and exercise but could do without all the bells and whistles, this one’s for you.

Straightforward, elegantly designed and a snap to use, this food and fitness journal app is a minimalist’s dream in both form and function. Record your meals, physical activities, water intake, and weight by posting customizable sticky note-style entries on your calendar.

Push notifications keep you on track, multiple viewing options give you different perspectives, and new updates allow you to export your monthly diary to PDF, so sharing your progress is a breeze. Clean and simple.

Free on iOS.

15. MyFitnessPal

There’s a reason MyFitnessPal continues to dominate the health and fitness app landscape after 13 long years on the market.

The app’s database contains more than six million foods, so you can log just about everything you put in your body from Starbucks coffees and energy bars to homemade veggie lasagna thanks to a nifty recipe calculator.

You can also set exercise and diet goals as well as tap into’s vast online community for support, tips, and motivation.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

16. Lifesum

Choosing to live healthier doesn’t have to mean turning your entire world on end. Take things step by step with this robust, uplifting app featuring goal-based programs that emphasize small, sustainable changes over quick-and-dirty dieting.

Pick an objective such as to lose weight, build muscle, or eat better). Then punch in your exercise, water, and eating habits manually or use the handy barcode scanner.

In return, you’ll get reminders, feedback to improve your diet, 1,000+ healthy recipes, and eye-catching graphics to keep you on the ball.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

17. Rise

Need a little extra push to keep your eyes on the prize? This highly interactive app is just what the doctor ordered — literally.

Sign up for a subscription (costs vary) that meets your needs and you get linked up with your very own nutritionist intent on helping you develop and stick to a personalized health regimen.

Send photos of your meals and log your activity for a constant supply of feedback, tips, tweaks, and rewards from a real medical professional.

It’s not free, but with plans starting at $60 per month, it’s definitely cheaper — not to mention way more convenient — than hitting up an IRL clinic.

Free download with in-app purchases on iOS.

18. Fooducate

This colorful, engaging app seriously ups your grocery game. Scan barcodes or search manually for any item for instant access to plain-spoken nutritional information, a personalized letter grade detailing each item’s value, plus suggestions for healthier alternatives.

Beyond the cart, it monitors your sleep, exercise, calorie and macro intake, mood and hunger levels, then analyzes all of the data, and gives you feedback on to how to better meet your goals.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

19. Nourishly

This sleek, intuitive system connects you straight to your medical team so you can keep on top of nutrition goals and habits, mood and mental health, daily activity, meal planning, and dietary management.

This app is especially helpful if you’re dealing with food-related health concerns like diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and GI issues. The approach is holistic — no calorie counts here — and focuses just as much on emotional well-being as it does on physical.

The coolest part is receiving safe and secure (a.k.a. HIPAA-compliant) support from your dietitian, nutritionist, psychologist, doctor, personal trainer, or whoever else you’ve got in your corner, right there in the app.

Free on iOS and Android.

20. Oh She Glows

Whether you’re a lifelong vegan or just trying the Meatless Monday thing on for size, this ridiculously glossy recipe app from cookbook author Angela Liddon has your back.

It’s stocked with 140+ plant-based meal ideas (120 of which are also gluten-free), each accompanied by gorgeous photos, cooking tips, and complete nutritional info.

Plus, it gives you the ability to filter for dietary restrictions and allergies. Free seasonal bundles and constant updates keeps things fresh and you can even download recipes for offline access. And did we mention it’s downright beautiful?

$1.99 with optional in-app purchases on iOS and $2.49 with optional in-app purchases on Android.

21. Yummly Recipes + Shopping List

This is one smart app. Dial in your dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences, give the thumbs up to a handful of suggested recipes that appeal to you, and you’ll get a slew of recommendations tailored to your specific tastes and needs.

It also learns as it goes, so every time you mine its giant database for new healthy dish ideas, it gets a better sense of what you’d like to cook next.

As if that weren’t easy enough, you can also add ingredients to a shopping list with a click of a button, and get whatever you need delivered right to your door through Instacart.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

22. Waterlogged

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, hydration is huge. That’s where this personalized water intake monitor comes in.

Take photos of your preferred drinking vessels — bottles, cups, mugs, champagne flutes, Big Gulps, whatever — check in when you finish a glass, and it automatically keeps tabs on your hydration levels throughout the day.

Progress graphs, wearable tech integration, and push notifications will show you how close you are to completing your daily goal.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

23. Meditation Studio: Find Calm

There are so many different types of guided meditation. Rather than try a general practice that focuses on relaxation, this app offers meditations catered to your needs, whether it’s anxiety, stress, happiness, or gratitude.

And best of all, it’s a one-time fee for access to more than 160 meditations.

$2.99 with optional in-app purchases on iOS.

24. Insight Timer

Considered the #1 free meditation app by millions, and one of our personal favorites.

It’s chock full (read: thousands) of guided meditations and talks led by the world’s top meditation and mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists, and teachers.

More than 10 new free guided meditations are added each day. Or, simply choose to use the timer, with or without music tracks or ambient sounds. You can also join community groups and see what others are currently meditating to in your area, if you choose.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

25. H*nest Meditation

Ah, the drunk uncle of meditation apps — it wants the best for you, but you know it will tell it like it effing is. Strangely enough, cussing and calm really do make a good combination.

If anything, H*nest Meditation is bringing calm to the common (wo)man, and we’re damn grateful for that. Just make sure to wear your headphones.

$1.99 on iOS.

26. Talkspace

Bet you didn’t think you could chat with a therapist for just $25 per week. Well, Talkspace makes that possible. For that low fee, you can text with a trained professional as often as you need.

They also offer services for individuals and couples. Oh, and the best part? You can do it from your couch.

Free on iOS and Android.

27. Happify

This app is like a gym membership for your emotional health. The first time you open Happify, you’re prompted to select a track that best meets your needs — whether it’s finding more “me” time or getting better at handling stress.

Each track is designed by an expert using the latest scientific research and full of quick, daily activities, including games, mindful meditations, and assessments.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

28. 7 Cups

Sometimes you just want to talk, and 7 Cups gives you an alternative to waking up your friends at 3 a.m. to vent about your annoying boss or significant other.

The app offers fast, free responses from trained listeners. Now you can speak your mind without feeling judged whenever and wherever you need to.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

29. Wysa

Wish you could talk to a cartoon penguin when you’re feeling down? Well, Wysa grants that wish. Developed by therapists, life coaches, and AI specialists, this cute little bot will listen to your thoughts and troubles at all hours of the day.

The app gives advice, meditation suggestions, and simple life coaching. Plus, the charming cartoon mascot makes you forget you’re talking to a therapy robot.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

30. Happy Not Perfect

In addition to guided meditations, visual aids, and stress-reducing games, this app gives you a five-minute daily routine to reduce stress and increase happiness.

Created by scientists, cognitive behavioral therapists, and breathing specialists, these quick exercises help ease anxiety and refresh your mind.

The best feature: A space to write your crappier thoughts and burn them! Don’t worry, your phone won’t go up in smoke, but watching those limiting beliefs burn in the digital flames is oddly satisfying.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

31. Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

If you picked up a gratitude journal when Oprah mentioned it 20 years ago and just let it collect dust on your shelf, this app might give you something to be thankful for.

Notifications remind you to be grateful — it’s less annoying than it sounds — and you get a blank page to write all your happy thoughts. Or if you had a less-than-dazzling day, the app gives prompts to make consistent gratitude feel easy and fun.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS.

32. Sanvello

When you’d like to take a walk in a forest and hear a soothing sprinkling of rain, but you’re stuck at your desk listening to your coworker crunch an entire bag of Cheetos, Sanvello (formerly Pacifica) might bring some relief.

With Spotify playlists to enhance your mood, a variety of calming soundscapes, and meditations for anxiety and depression, you’ll feel better in just a few minutes. Plus, you can track your moods, set goals, and rewire negative thinking patterns.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

33. Awaken

It’s hard to clear your mind and achieve mental clarity when the news lists a new horror every day. The Awaken app lets you engage with the political and social movements without becoming overwhelmed by the problems of the world.

This app aims to teach about love, justice, and healing, and the creators are also committed to making change as all profits go to activism and campaigning. More than meditation, this is self-care that’s anything but selfish.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS.

34. Calm

A lot more than just breathing exercises and pictures of peaceful mountains, this app has courses, guided meditations, and music to help you find a greater sense of calm in your life.

The true standout feature is the wide variety of bedtime stories to get you snoozing with ease. Let Stephen Fry, Bob Ross, and Bronn from Game of Thrones lull you to sleep, then wake up and take a creativity class from Elizabeth Gilbert.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

35. Sleep Cycle

Say sayonara to feeling groggy in the morning. This app measures your sleep cycle, as its name suggests. Then it wakes you sometime during a 30-minute window before your alarm when you’re in the lightest sleep state.

Sure, you might get up before your alarm goes off, but you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Free with in-app purchases on iOS, and starting at $0.99 on Android.

36. Power Nap App

If there are two things we love, it’s cats and naps. The Power Nap app combines these natural gifts, complete with a timer (that only goes up to 30 minutes), pleasant sounds to help you sleep, and an alarm that gently wakes you back up so you can rock the rest of your day.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS.

37. SleepScore

It’s like having a bat in your bed! Okay, that might not sound like a selling point, but this app uses sonar technology to monitor your sleep.

In addition to scoring the quality of your sleep, the app offers an alarm that wakes you at your lightest sleep cycle (within a 30-minute period of when you need to get up). Not only will you know exactly how you’re sleeping, the app also gives daily recommendations to improve your snooze.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

38. HealthTap

Next time you have a pressing medical concern (should I be worried about this rash?), don’t ask Dr. Google. Turn to HealthTap instead.

The app sends your question to its network of doctors, and one will answer you within a few hours. HealthTap also comes with a library of information on common ailments, so you can be better at spotting symptoms and picking the best remedy.

If you’re looking for even more care, you can choose the prime membership for $99 per month, which allows you unlimited video and texting with doctors.

Free on iOS and Android.

39. Leafly

This sleek app is the Wikipedia of weed, offering exhaustive information on thousands of marijuana strains, from Girl Scout Cookies (yes, that’s a real strain) to Purple Urkle. It also offers directions to the nearest dispensary (in states where pot is legal), and regular updates on cannabis news.

Free on iOS and Android.

40. Flo

Track your period in half the time it takes to text back your needy friend. Let Flo know when you had your period, and the app will track your cycle, tell you when you’re ovulating, and let you know when the red menace is coming again.

You can also record your moods, activity, caffeine and alcohol intake, and sex drive to see how they all impact your cycle (or how your cycle impacts them).

Whether you want to track your fertility or just want to have tampons and painkillers at the ready, this app takes all the mystery out of menstruation.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

41. AmWell

Whether you have insurance or not, getting a last-minute doctor’s appointment is a giant pain. Instead of heading to Urgent Care or wasting money on an unnecessary trip to the emergency room, AmWell hooks you up with a certified doctor.

Through Skype or Google Hangouts, the professional can give you a simple diagnosis or tell you to head to the hospital, if it’s needed. You can even talk to a therapist without leaving your house. The app is free, but the appointments start at $65 (or less, depending on insurance).

Free to download on iOS and Android.

42. Habitica

Turn new habits into an old-school role-playing game. With Habitica, you get a cool 8-bit avatar to help you on the grand adventure of starting new healthy habits.

List the habits you’d like to start (or stop), and the app will give you gold coins and health points for every step in the right direction. If you don’t keep a habit going, your health points go down. Starting habits is hard, but watching it happen in a low-fi RPG makes it pretty fun.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.