Not every dynamic duo hits the gym together — and understandably so. Whether it’s different goals, different schedules, or different theories on audible grunting, there’s no shortage of excuses for choosing to exercise solo. But before drawing a line down the weight room floor, consider these kick-butt reasons for attacking workouts Bonnie and Clyde style.

Two-For-One — The Takeaway

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Still not 100 percent sold? Tandem workouts can also increase trust between partners (spotter, please!), as well as encourage communication, mutual goal sharing, commitment to well-being, and the chance to celebrate each other’s successes.Combining QT and a quality workout is more than just a quick fix for couples on the go. Research shows that a solid sweat session produces chemicals in the brain that boost happiness and reduce stressPhysical activity and mental health: current concepts. Paluska, SA., Schwenk, TL. Rex Sports Medicine Institute, Cary, North Carolina. Sports Medicine 2000 March; 29(3): 167-80.. When shared as a couple, this post-workout “high” is said to strengthen feelings of closeness between exercise partners, and even rev up the libido — at least in women, studies showThe roles of testosterone and alpha-amylase in exercise-induced sexual arousal in women. Hamilton, LD., Fogle, EA., Meston, CM. University of Texas at Austin-Psychology, Austin, Texas. The Journal of Sexual Medicine 2008 April; 5(4): 845-53..

Just remember that not every couple is meant to go full-throttle, so those with a fierce competitive streak may want to avoid uber-intense workouts (unless full-on Fight Club is the goal). Try a yoga class or couples’ stretches for a tamer test-run instead.

Not in a relationship? Pair up with a friend or a family member so there’s built-in motivation for getting to the gym and sticking with a workout plan.

What are some of your favorite partner workouts? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo by Collin Orcutt