Some days, something has to give. Your iCal is overbooked; you’re pulled in a million directions; life gets in the way; and oftentimes, exercise is the first thing to get cut from the ever-growing to-do list. We get it.

But on days when chaos starts to take over, take back control by setting aside just 10 minutes to get your heart pumping. Chances are, hectic days mean higher stress levels so breaking a sweat can actually help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Here, three 10-minute at-home workouts that require little time and no equipment, delivered straight to you so you have them right at your fingertips on days you need a break most.

A Low-Impact HIIT Workout

A series of low-impact yet challenging moves that work all your major muscle groups.

To recap, perform each move for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of core work or rest, if needed.

A Kick-Ass Plank Workout for Core Strength

To recap: Perform 2 sets of each plank exercise.

A Total-Body Workout That’ll Leave You Drenched in weat

To recap: Each move is performed for about 20 seconds. The circuit is repeated twice through.