Stretching is so important for mobility, flexibility, and recovery. But sometimes it’s a total pain to add an extra 10 minutes to your workout for a stretch sesh. The solution? Working stretches into your strength routine with this 11-minute bodyweight workout.

In this video, you’ll warm up with some dynamic exercises. The best time to do a static stretch is when your muscles are already warm, so this workout strategically pairs a strength move with a stretch afterward. By combining both, you’ll increase your muscle tone while staying limber and save serious time by checking off both boxes with one workout. An exercise mat is optional. Crank up the music and hit play to get started.

To recap:You don’t need any equipment for this class. An exercise mat is optional.

Dynamic Warm-Up:
Squat (With Kick Then Knee Crunch)
Jumping Jack
Scissor Jack
Gate Swing

Workout: Each pair of moves will be performed twice through.
Double Leg Kick
Knee Hug With Hip Circle

Extended Leg Reach
Side Stretch

Standard Push-Up
Shoulder Stretch

Straight Leg Crunch
Pencil Stretch

Hip Circle

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