Disclaimer: This article, along with all others posted on April 1st, is meant to poke fun at articles you might read elsewhere (or at least close to them). Greatist doesn’t actually recommend any of the tips included. Read more about our reasoning behind this little practical joke here. Happy April Fools’ Day!

With today’s hectic modern life, most of us struggle to fit in quality workouts on a regular basis. Fortunately, you can maximize time in the gym by concentrating exclusively on the body’s most important muscles. Science has proven focusing on the biceps is the quickest way to a fitter, healthier you — no other lifting, cardio, stretching, recovery, or healthy eating required!The Bicep Curl Crew. Diesel, M., Beast, T. The Institute for Advanced Curling Studies, 1 Beast Mode Lane. E-pump ahead of print.

Promiscuous Curl — The Takeaway

Illustration by Tanya Burr

Since full-depth squats are proven — again, by science — to be dangerous, it’s best to use available squat racks for upper body isolation exercises (think curls, partial curls, and reverse-grip curls). With plenty of space for all variations of bicep curls, squat racks are the best spot in the gym for a quick workout. You can also grab dumbbells and bring them to the rack for some muscle-building supersets. And don’t forget many squat racks have strategically placed mirrors, so you can admire those popping veins while squeezing out the tough reps. So do yourself a favor and get curling today!

You Want Bi’s With That? — The Tip

For a better workout, do those curls in the squat rack. Your body — and fellow gym-goers — will thank you.

Expert’s Take

We asked Greatist Expert Big Diesel for his thoughts on curling in the squat rack:

“You probably think the squat rack is designed for chumps who worry more about toning their quads than filling out those Polo’s. But actually, the squat rack is 100 percent optimal for curls. It’s got a bar (obviously), space to hang between three and four sweat towels (necessary), and enough plates to fill up the back of your shorty’s Prius. And when you get tired between sets and want to sit and admire your pump, you can just plop right down on one of the safety bars (pro tip: this also keeps runners and the like from snatching up your prime weight room real estate).”