In this week’s viral video, we bring you a motivational sing-along entitled, “Lemme Eat That Off Yo Abs.” In short, it’s about about abs so carved they can be eaten off of. Because? Well, you know how much the Greatist Team loves a good six-pack.

The object of the singer/songwriter’s affection attains her six-pack by using medicine balls, and performing crunch after crunch (get abs to eat off of with our killer med ball moves). While this guy (check out his stellar gym attire) is incredibly creepy and croons to Miss Absession. She isn't bothered and carries on sculpting her midsection. If chocolate sauce, condiments, and sushi are all on your must-eat list, just imagine enjoying them off of a cut torso. We’re kidding. Kind of? (Also yeah, heads up, it gets a little weird. This guy's really into abs.)